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Open the first underwater restaurant in India ... and close it


Poseidon intended to provide a unique dining experience

Our hopes have been quickly buried underwater .... A few days ago we learned from the news that the entrepreneur Ahmedabad, Bharat Bhatt, inaugurated Poseidon, the first underwater restaurant in India. Apparently, as it reported by the CNN-IBN, after opening the 1 February Indian authorities ordered its closure for not having the proper permits for their activities.

This room available 32 places about 20 meters below ground level and was surrounded by an aquarium 160.000 liters of water with about a 4.000 fish species. A perfect place to enjoy diners while delighting with a different view.

Poseidon only served vegetarian food, through a selection of the best dishes of Thai cuisine, Mexican, china e india. The truth is that this restaurant, customers could find a unique dining experience and it really worth, as well as a fairly strong menu.

Creativity should manifest itself in a legal way and regulated

The idea was that customers from accessing the restaurant down some stairs to the main hall, where they experienced the pleasure of lunch or dinner wrapped in a magical underwater environment. While there are already based in aquariums or underwater restaurants in other countries, This was the first underwater restaurant in India.

Unfortunately the dangers of water leakage, and the lack of special permits to ensure safety customer if any unforeseen evacuation, They have motivated the This innovative restaurant close only four days after opening.

The expectation was initially created was very large, in fact Poseidon had received more than 150 reservation requests mainly through Internet and it seemed that things were to stop. Even its owner, Bharat Bhatt, He had revealed his intentions to hire live performances and musicians to accompany diners in this experience.

A dream that now rests on the seabed. Failing to get the necessary permits, and introducing those improvements that Indian authorities require, our desire to enjoy this dining experience under the sea, They have to wait.

Do you think a restaurant would work underwater in Spain?…but leaks.

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