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Open a restaurant inspired by a pharmacy


Damien Hirst has designed a Restaurant - Pharmacy within gallery Museo de Newport Street is a Vauxhall (United Kingdom), which runs alongside his friend the chef Mark Hix from the past 23 February. This is a second attempt after the adventure of opening another restaurant in Notting Hill-pharmacy in 1998 without much success.

As declared the owners of this quirky restaurant: "We serve classic British and European food”. During the day and running the museum visitors can enjoy a unique cafe, while at night, It is restaurant with an interior design riddled with pills, medicines and references to the pharmaceutical world, will try to bring all a new generation of diners with a different dining experience and artistic.

Dining Art

In its first version, the restaurant-pharmacy managed to become a fashionable frequented by celebrities the likes of Madona, Kate Moss o el gran David Bowie. Nevertheless, soon he came under attack from the pharmaceutical industry through the Royal Pharmaceutical Company and a claim for violation of copyright. They argued that using the symbol of the green cross to signal the location of the restaurant, could mislead users who were looking for a real pharmacy.

Despite rename, the previous business had to close in 2003, five years after its opening, according to data from a report published on the website thedrinksbusiness.com. After the close of the first restaurant-pharmacy, all objects are auctioned which they were part of the interior decoration managing to reach the million pounds you collected.

Now, Damien Hirst designer returns with Pharmacy2 with Mark Hix, a chef renowned. Visitors will enjoy decorating this new space in addition to the exhibitions throughout the day provides Newport Street Gallery. The restaurant is packed with objects designed by Hirst himself, highlights its glass windows simulating human DNA. Tablets and pills everywhere, bright colors and sidewalks embedded in the marble floor. The bar stools are decorated as light-colored pills and silver-colored walls are covered with a poster with photos of pharmaceuticals.

Damien Hirst, artistic creator of this idea, He explained where this concept came so peculiar: "Pharmacy2 combines two of my passions: art and food ".

Hirst y Hix, artist and chef, they met long ago in the East End of London and created this zany new space, artistic and hallucinogen with the aim of offering a fetish place all those foodies obsessed with having different experiences with food which is then reflected in your account Instagram.

Pharmacy2 es an artistic and culinary concept Disruptive looking offer a different experience, but as always, the last word is the client.

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