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April 2016: marketing activities calendar for restaurants


after a March fraught with significant dates to conduct marketing activities started in April, it does not offer as many possibilities, but we can make good use if we take a little imagination.

If we focus on Spanish holidays, we have two important moments that we can serve to do something special in our restaurant, as are the April Fair, of the 12 al 17 of April, O San Jordi -Saturday 23-, which coincides with the day the book, hence it is the book festival and the rose in Catalonia.

April Fair

Although the April Fair will be held in Sevilla, years, many bars and restaurants in other parts of Spain take “provided” this date to make your own tribute the Seville city. Prepare a party where everyone has to go dressed in traditional costume (Short men and women with Gypsy dress) and the sound all time sevillanas, rebujito typical Andalusian food and serve it: pescaíto frito, chopitos, eggplant cordobesa, tortillitas shrimp, marinated dogfish…

As well we can make wine tasting sessions in Jerez, well known throughout the south and are increasingly demanded in the rest of Spain. the amontillado, odorous, thin, Chamomile or palo cortado are some of the varieties of the appellation of origin which gradually made many followers outside the borders Andalusian.

The tastings can be accompanied by typical Tapas there or even organize a dinner with more elaborate dishes that are harmonized with these wines. You can talk to a winery and winemaker or vintner himself is present at that dinner and go explaining the virtues of wine, the profile sheet and the possibilities of it.

April Fair lasts five days, but we will choose what best comes to us for our business. We can do something specific for a day or lengthen the entire week and go interspersing activities.

San Jordi and the Book Day

Another important dates on the calendar this month is San Jordi, he 23 of April, Catalonia is a holiday, is exchanged on a book by a pink-the men give this flower to women and these give them a book to them-, agrees that is the day the book nationwide.

As with the April Fair, we can make a nod to this party preparing something for the day or make a lasting several days, and in which the sausage and “bread with tomato” or tomato bread are the protagonists. In this case we will accompany cava, taking the opportunity to promote this drink in your restaurant. As with the Sherrys, Make dinner harmonized with this Designation of Origin. On the occasion of World Book Day, You can organize a presentation of a book in your restaurant, the author speaks of his work while others take a light dinner or cocktail.

The day 23 It is also the feast of the Community in Castilla y León. Perhaps it is less widespread in the rest of the country, but if your restaurant is located there you have a perfect excuse to do something special. If you are anywhere else you can adapt it in a way that is beneficial to you, as a conference of lechazo, for example, and following the typical wines of each region, we have a few to choose Appellations of Origin.

Pie Day, the beer, cheese fondue or kindergarten are some of the dates indicated in the calendar of the United States that we can serve offer customers something different in our local. The ales are increasingly pull between the Spanish, take advantage of it and grab a few references, give them to know your customers and adds value to your drink menu.

World Health Day

This month marks the World Health Day and it may be the ideal place to prepare a menu that is healthy now 100% or add a section to the letter contains special and specific courses for certain pathologies, low salt, fat, not containing sugar… Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless.

As to the joint action of the month, we have the World Autism Awareness Day, so we can raise money for this cause. Think about how you would like to help, contact associations and seeks support in the city of your city or any institution that supports your initiative.

Do not forget that in April the days are becoming warmer and begins to be time to sit on the terraces and enjoy the outdoors. Findeth to the decoration of the same, Note that is an extension of your local, so you must give the same service and quality within. Create a comfortable environment, nice and cozy and you will be inviting customers to sit in your chair and not on the premises next door. Seeks to differentiate yourself from the rest.

I leave the full schedule for you to study and choose the days that you like to organize something special about your business and I tell us about, We will be happy to read your ideas both the article and comments via social networks.

Marketing ideas for restaurants

April 2016: marketing activities calendar for restaurantsApril 2016: Calendar of shares of marketing for restaurant

April Calendar 2016

Day 1

  • National Day Sourdough Bread (#usa)
  • National Day of Hope (#usa)

Day 2

  • National Day peanut butter and jelly (#usa)
  • World Autism Awareness Day
  • International Children's Book Day

Day 3

  • Custard Day and fingers of fish (#usa)
  • National Day Chocolate Mousse (#usa)

Day 4

  • National Day Cordon Bleu (#usa)

Day 5

  • National Candy Day (#usa)
  • National Pizza Day in bowl (#usa)

Day 6

  • Day of fresh tomato (#usa)
  • National Popcorn Day candy (#usa)
  • Army's day (#usa)
  • International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

Day 7

  • National Beer Day (#usa)
  • National Day Coffee Cake (#usa)
  • World Health Day

Day 8

  • National Pie Day (#usa)
  • Day lovers Zoo (#usa)

Day 9

  • Chinese National Day Macaroon (#usa)

Day 10

  • National Day cinnamon crescent (#usa)
  • National Day of Brothers (#usa)

Day 11

  • National Day Cheese Fondue (#usa)
  • Underwater National Day (#usa)

Day 12

  • National Day grilled cheese (#usa)
  • National Licorice Day (#usa)
  • Top April Fair (of the 12 al 17)

Day 13

  • National Scrabble Day (#usa)

Day 15

  • Titanic Remembrance Day (#usa)

Day 16

  • National Day Eggs Benedict (#usa)

Day 17

  • National Day Cheese Ball (#usa)
  • Ford Mustang Day (#usa)

Day 18

  • International Day Juggler
  • Columnists Day (#usa)
  • Amateur Radio Day (#usa)
  • Auction day (#usa)

Day 19

  • National Garlic Day (#usa)
  • National Day Rice Ball (#usa)
  • Bicycle Day (#usa)

Day 20

  • National Day Pineapple Tart (#usa)

Day 21

  • Kinder Day (#usa)

Day 22

  • International Mother Earth Day

Day 23

  • National Day and cherry cheesecake (#usa)
  • National Day picnic (#usa)
  • World Book and Copyright

Day 24

  • Tree Day (#usa)

Day 25

  • National Zucchini Bread Day (#usa)
  • International Astronomy Day
  • World Penguin Day
  • World Veterinary Day

Day 26

  • National Day cracker (#usa)
  • National Day rib (#usa)

Day 28

  • National Day blueberry pie (#usa)
  • Workers' Memorial Day

Day 29

  • National Day scampi (#usa)
  • World Wish Day
  • International Dance Day

Day 30

  • National Day Oatmeal Cookie (#usa)
  • National Day passes (#usa)
  • International Jazz Day

You can download the schedule in PDF with the best marketing ideas for restaurants:

April 2016: Calendar of shares of marketing for restaurants

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  1. Lidia Gonzalez on

    two points, Catalonia is not in the festive day of St. George, We work like any other working day.
    Pan tumaca, does not exist, is “bread with tomato” O “bread with tomato”. In addition always it takes a little oil and some people will include a pinch of salt.

    • Cristina Rioja on

      Thank you very much for your appreciation, Lidia. With the remark holiday, I did not mean not working, but something held, that is to say, use as an adjective on the party-for example Father's Day is usually working in most of Spain and does not cease to be a day when being a father held. Tumaca respect to bread is true that Rae does not contemplate, but its use is widespread and outside Catalonia is known as the bread with tomato, however I changed the name in the article. Thank you very much for reading DiegoCoquillat.com. a greeting.

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