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April 2019: marketing activities calendar for restaurants


The calendar marketing for restaurants has taken over this past April, and is that this year Easter, feast worthy of veneration in the south of the peninsula and motive of passion in the rest of the country, block entirely within this month.

A) Yes, many restaurants offer promotions for the month that welcomes spring relate to the rebound tourists perceived by the hotel and catering establishments in these special days.

Of course, to cover the gaps and the capacity of our local is the maximum for many meals as we aprilinas possible, Here are some other suggestions:

Saint George, Book Day celebrations and other related

The penultimate weekend of the month squares and avenues of the main Spanish cities are decorated with tents full of books. From exotic decimonónicos satchels, until the best sellers fresh from the printing; books these days are the stars.

The day 23 It is the epicenter of all this revelry bibliophile, date coincides with the celebration of Sant Jordi in Catalonia, which in recent years has become an authentic feel. let's remember, it is traditional to give a rose and a book.

Restorers can take advantage of this festivity in many different ways, but the most common are those involving discounts at meals by bringing a book (better if it was recently purchased at a local bookstore) O, Conversely, a bonus coupon after paying the ticket, which allows us to get a rebate when buying a book at a nearby establishment.

Of course, it is also possible expand the segment of products sold the restaurant. By having a small collection of books, a vase of roses to offer diners or prepaid cards to acquire the most talked about novels confidence in our hypermarkets, You can make more cash.

Needless to say, this is a mere guide. In the imagination is success. To organize an evening for the circle or club local readers? Can be a success ... To organize a literary contest? Why not ... public readings or presentations of new works? It is always interesting!

further, the day 2 April is the International Day of Children's Book, he 4 It is National School Library Day in the United States, he 11 the Bookmobile (Also in US. UU.), and three days later there is celebrated the National Day of Archivists Library. The day 23 further recognizes the copyright and the following Tuesday is the turn of intellectual property. There are also three celebrations dedicated to languages ​​this month: ONE 19 and two the 23.

Many ephemeris for philologists and book lovers on the clever restaurateur can capitalize.

Sport, enjoy the outdoors and ... Eating!

Only the northern third of the peninsula is under the influence of spring. In the rest of the territory this month brings with it clear skies, less rainfall and meteorological conditions already little far from the summer. Except for one thing, the sweltering temperatures during the summer we extenuate.

Because, April is one of the best months to enjoy the countryside while doing sports. Many citizens use their days Easter holidays to enjoy the latest declines in major ski or organize tours of great route for biking.

Just this point is of particular interest to this month, since the day 15 is the International Day cyclist and 19 is World Bicycle Day.

It left the door open for the restorer contact with cycling associations the environment, waves specialized travel agencies offering tours Cycling guided, for negotiate a short stop at the restaurant at lunchtime. This type of collaboration has the ability to fill our living room, but also it generates repeat customers as it is well known that routes lovers love to enjoy the landscape changes in different seasons bring with them.

Time communions, religion and processions

In any case we can not forget the actions of marketing for restaurants directly related the Holy Week, the great feast of the month.

During this time of religious fervor reaches its maximum annual level. Thus, many families are reluctant to baptize their children at this time. Y christenings come with family banquets.

Less common are marriages at this time, but certainly they are not unheard.

Even the celebrations inherently associated with Easter are a source of economic benefit to the restorer. Pilgrimages and processions with their tired and aching bearers, in need of a good drink and a reconstituting ... The cheerful audience you want to close an unforgettable day with a feast with neighbors and friends ... Young people who make the party going until the wee hours of the morning, chupitos based and tonic ...

Many are eager to celebrate, what In Andalucia, as Holy Week ends, They continue their excitement in the April Fair, another date for the restorers South.

Calendar actions marketing of April 2019

April 2019: marketing activities calendar for restaurants Download the #ClubDiegoCoquillat

1 of April

  • April Fools (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of Unleavened Bread (OF. UU.)
  • National Day a Penny (OF. UU.)
  • World Day of Fun at Work
  • X International Wine Virgin Olive Oil in Caceres (Estremadura)

2 of April

  • National Day Peanut butter and jelly (OF. UU.)
  • World Autism Awareness Day
  • International Day of Children's Book
  • Malvinas Day (Argentina)
  • X International Wine Virgin Olive Oil in Caceres (Estremadura)

3 of April

  • National Day Fish Sticks and Cream (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Chocolate Mousse (OF. UU.)
  • World Day Party
  • X International Wine Virgin Olive Oil in Caceres (Estremadura)

4 of April

  • National Day Cordon Blue (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of Hope (OF. UU.)
  • National School Library Day (OF. UU.)
  • Festival Pizza in Rota, Cádiz (Andalusia)

5 of April

  • National Candy Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Chicago Style Pizza (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Spice Raisin Bars (OF. UU.)
  • National Day to ruin (OF. UU.)
  • Natura Málaga (Andalusia)
  • Festival Pizza in Rota, (Cádiz, Andalusia)
  • Home of the Gastronomic Days of Conil de la Huerta (Cádiz, Andalusia)

6 of April

  • New Beer's Eve (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Fresh Tomato (OF. UU.)
  • National Popcorn Day Candy (OF. UU.)
  • International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
  • Natura Málaga (Andalusia)
  • Festival Pizza in Rota, Cádiz (Andalusia)
  • Estate fair 2019 in Menorca (Balearic islands)
  • Gastronomic Days of avant-garde cuisine in Elche (Alicante, Valencia)

7 of April

  • National Beer Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Coffee Cake (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Pillow Fight (OF. UU.)
  • World Health Day
  • National day without housekeeping service (OF. UU.)
  • Wedding Day (Argentina)
  • Journalist Day (Brazil)
  • Natura Málaga (Andalusia)
  • Festival Pizza in Rota, Cádiz (Andalusia)
  • Estate fair 2019 in Menorca (Balearic islands)
  • Gastronomic Days of avant-garde cuisine in Elche (Alicante, Valencia)

8 of April

  • National Pie Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of Lovers Zoo (OF. UU.)
  • International Roma Day
  • Gastrofestival (Madrid)
  • Hall Gourmets (Madrid)

9 of April

  • Chinese National Day Almond Cookies (OF. UU.)
  • National Day appointed to Self (OF. UU.)
  • Gastrofestival (Madrid)
  • Hall Gourmets (Madrid)

10 of April

  • Crescent National Day of Canela (OF. UU.)
  • National Golf Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of Brothers (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Be Kind to Lawyers (OF. UU.)
  • International Homeopathy Day
  • Gastrofestival (Madrid)
  • Hall Gourmets (Madrid)

11 of April

  • National Day Cheese Fondue (OF. UU.)
  • Underwater National Day (OF. UU.)
  • International Day Louie Louie
  • National Bookmobile Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day barbershop quartet (OF. UU.)
  • World Parkinson's Day
  • Gastrofestival (Madrid)
  • Hall Gourmets (Madrid)

12 of April

  • National Sandwich Day Grilled Cheese (OF. UU.)
  • National Licorice Day (OF. UU.)
  • International Day of Human Space Flight
  • National Day get your Wild Side (OF. UU.)
  • EcoSalud Barcelona (Catalonia)

13 of April

  • National Peach Cobbler Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Scrabble Day (OF. UU.)
  • International Kissing Day
  • EcoSalud Barcelona (Catalonia)

14 of April

  • National Pecan Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Archivists Library (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of the Dolphin (OF. UU.)
  • Day of the Americas
  • Palm Sunday
  • EcoSalud Barcelona (Catalonia)
  • Closure of the Gastronomic Days of Conil de la Huerta (Cádiz, Andalusia)
  • Día del Txakoli de Txorierri's hillarious (Vizcaya, country Vaco)

15 of April

  • National Day Glazed Ham Spiral (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of Remembrance of the Titanic (OF. UU.)
  • National day of Risky Assumptions (OF. UU.)
  • International Cycling Day

16 of April

  • National Day Eggs Benedict (OF. UU.)
  • National Day to Save the Elephants (OF. UU.)
  • World Day of the voice
  • International Day Against Child Slavery

17 of April

  • National Day Cheese Ball (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Ford Mustang (OF. UU.)
  • World Day of Peasant Struggle

18 of April

  • National Day Animal Biscuit (OF. UU.)
  • National Columnists Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of Amateur Radio (OF. UU.)
  • European Day of the Rights of Patients
  • Holy Thursday
  • Basque Festival de Bilbao (Basque Country)

19 of April

  • National Garlic Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Rice Balls (OF. UU.)
  • National Day high five (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Hangouts (OF. UU.)
  • World bicycle Day
  • World Day of Simpson
  • Chinese Language Day
  • Holy Friday
  • Declaration of Independence (Venezuela)
  • Basque Festival de Bilbao (Basque Country)

20 of April

  • National Day Pineapple Cake Bocabajo (OF. UU.)
  • National Recognition Day for Volunteers (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Doubles (OF. UU.)
  • Basque Festival de Bilbao (Basque Country)

21 of April

  • National Day Chocolate Truffles with Cashews (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Nursery (OF. UU.)
  • National Auctioneers Day (OF. UU.)
  • Tiradentes (Brazil)

22 of April

  • National Jelly Bean Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of the Leaders of the Scout Girls (OF. UU.)
  • Mother Earth Day
  • Easter monday

23 of April

  • National Day Cheesecake with Cherries (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Picnics (OF. UU.)
  • National Talk Like Shakespeare Day (OF. UU.)
  • World Book and Copyright
  • English Language Day
  • Day Aragón
  • Castile and León Day
  • Secretary's Day
  • Saint George (Catalonia)

24 of April

  • National Day of Pigs in a Blanket (OF. UU.)

25 of April

  • National Zucchini Bread Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of guide dogs (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Management Professionals (OF. UU.)
  • National day to hug a Plumber (OF. UU.)
  • World Penguin Day

26 of April

  • National Pretzel Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Poem In Your Pocket (OF. UU.)
  • World Intellectual Property Day
  • Secretary's Day (Bolivia, Colombia and Peru)

27 of April

  • National Day Beef Costilla (OF. UU.)
  • National Tree Day (OF. UU.)
  • International Day of Graphic Design
  • Lalin Lalin with Gusto (Pontevedra, Galicia)

28 of April

  • National Blueberry Pie Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day kiss your partner (OF. UU.)
  • National Day bird watching (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Cubicle (OF. UU.)
  • April Fair
  • Lalin Lalin with Gusto (Pontevedra, Galicia)

29 of April

  • National Day of Scampi Scampi (OF. UU.)
  • World Wish Day
  • International Dance Day

30 of April

  • National Day Oatmeal Cookies (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Raisins (OF. UU.)
  • International Jazz Day
  • National Honesty Day

#ClubDiegoCoquillat download the schedule in PDF with the best marketing ideas for restaurants:

April 2019: marketing activities calendar for restaurants

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