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“Opening a restaurant is like giving birth”


Internet browsing I found this video that I've identified a very special way.

This is the story of Daniel and Jennifer, owners restaurante Frank, Located in Texas, particularly in the City of Austin, whose signature dish, and apparently highly valued by its customers, hot dogs are accompanied by a nice cold beer.

Social Networks and Restaurants

As well, all we have mounted ever a restaurant we know the tremendous effort involved, in fact, Jennifer uses a phrase in the video that I used as the title of this article and that I love “…open a restaurant is like giving birth…”, I may not be the most appropriate to reaffirm this phrase, but what if that is true is that physical exertion, planning, coordination, execution and investment has they make are very important.

Here you have the video :

[Note : the video is in English, If you want to put subtitles in Spanish it is very easy, Press play and you will see an option to the left which turns red “cc”, click and enter “Translate Captions” and you choose Spanish-Spanish.]

What I liked Video, beyond the personal story of the protagonists, It is that Daniel and Jennifer have noticed something that has influenced a transcendental form in their restaurant and who constantly insist so much on this blog and in my lectures and courses, and is that the model has changed restaurants, mainly motivated by technology and by the SMR (Social Media Restauranting).

Word of mouth was and is so important for any business has moved to the network, but also with a multiplying effect in quantity and time expansion, It makes comments, recommendations or criticisms of your customers become decision-making elements for new users or customers, directly influencing the bottom line of your restaurant and therefore the future sustainability of the business.

Han conseguido que sean sus clientes los que trasladen a las redes y a su comunidad de seguidores los valores de su negocio, las excelencias de las salchichas caseras del restaurante Frank, convertido en un destino obligado para mucha gente que visita la ciudad. De hecho, Daniel y Jennifer han abierto un segundo restaurante en una ciudad de Texas llamada Nacogdoches.

Por último comentar que el caso del restaurante Frank, aunque es una historia patrocinada por Google Chrome, es real y aquí os dejo algunas fotografías y el enlace a su web.

+ Info en : http://www.hotdogscoldbeer.com/

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