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Adapt schedules UK restaurants could make them earn thousands of millions


In a recent study led by Barclays He was interviewed 2334 consumers and 553 local managers to meet business opportunities unexploited because of the desynchronization between the opening hours of establishments in the streets of the UK and the time preference of new consumers.

Besides the High demand for the services open 24 hours of the day, The study has revealed a possible solution to the crisis we are experiencing many catering establishments in the UK. The most flagrant cases that have occurred lately being close Prezzo Italian restaurant and hamburger franchise Byron.

Increased operating costs because of Brexit and its consequences immigration, endemically incessant change affecting the sector and is now promoted by consumption millenial, and the threat of deflation looming over the country; All these negative aspects can be mitigated or completely reversed by changing the opening times.

Catering business are not receiving a potential benefits of 5000 million pounds just for not knowing the customs of the population have changed in recent years and adapt their schedules to new consumer habits and with many customers willing to pay a small premium services at odd hours. Companies that find ways to meet this demand can take advantage of a very significant opportunity.

Adapt to current times between customers would, Besides, slow the progression of home delivery services food as Deliveroo, Just Eat y UberEat gradually gaining ground go to traditional catering establishments. Although the trend seems unstoppable since diners are demanding comfort when using catering services, and there is nothing more convenient than ordering food from a mobile terminal in advance and receive it at the door of the home just at the scheduled time.

Some other highlights of the Barclays study are the low loss of customers by not granting the demands of customers with regard to schedules and he 42% restoration of business have received requests to establish a more flexible opening hours by customers on occasion.

In general, Barclays warns that in extremely competitive and a sector in crisis, not take advantage of existing opportunities can be the difference between progress or having to close, something they have already made such a large number of locations in major English cities that the sector of sale and rental of low warning of a possible housing crisis.

Finally, the study devotes some additional points clearly aimed at mitigating the destructive effects of Brexit and directed to other business areas (auditoria, gymnasiums and many establishments), in which you could win other 5500 million pounds additional adaptation of schedules.

Definitely, it seems clear that habits and consumption schedules an increasing percentage of the population are changing and those restaurants who can adapt to these new customers will get a significant competitive edge.

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