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Goodbye to traditional schedules restaurants


One of the biggest problems that restaurants face in recent times is the changes in behavior consumer customers.

Especially defendant in the cities, the plurality of lifestyles and tastes puts additional stress on catering business. Stress that often end up undermining the ability of these institutions to raise cash.

Those affected are all fronts. It has been abandoned local salon visit after ask takeaway digitally. Now is not worth any dish, There are a thousand and one reasons why a letter may be undesirable or inappropriate, from ethical criteria related to animal cruelty, even more prevalent diseases today as it can be gluten intolerance that prevent consumption of foods containing.

In this sense, the labor market has also imposed its own rules. The workers now have less time for their meals, their schedules are molded by calls and meetings requiring adapt to other time zones, and emergencies and overtime are the time of day, bursting completely any pretense of having a peaceful and balanced life outside.

Unearthing argued that emanates from all these changes in the lives of people is the falloff mealtimes. We have gone from having an hour for breakfast, lunch or dinner well defined eat when we have time or opportunity.

The restaurants have not yet adapted to this New consumer behavior, as consumer preferences are difficult to predict and organization of turn in the kitchen is a laborious process that also requires multiple previous preparations.

The result is that many restaurants that still fall within the normal hours of service (usually 13:00 a 16:00 to eat and 21:00 a 00:00 for dinner), They are losing customers.

But some people are taking advantage of this new consumer preferences. In the case of fast-food firms, These diners who feed deshora vie.

And it is a cake that can not be to overlook, since there are few customers who fall within this definition. further, their number increases. A study by market analysts NPD Group, early meals have increased 1.3%, while it made up mid-afternoon on a 5.3%. Data that mark a clear trend.

And when night falls, the world does not stop. The number of workers performing their activity at night is growing. Taco Bell it tastes good, as dawn operations have been most voted in the surveys conducted by MattressAdvisor, I was doing a research on organized restaurant chains that offer their services in this time.

Taco Bell policy knows that this time slot is of utmost importance to them. Is the fastest growing segment in the company, and they have therefore decided to strengthen the service offering the possibility of holding parties late at night.

The executive director of the brand, David Gibbs, He commented about: "Taco Bell has developed a unique evening program, focused to embrace the culture of speed while maximizing satisfaction and delivery service first class is offered, which aims dinners and late night meals ".

Work not only has an effect on this trend. Consumption behavior of people with food has changed. Eating excessively is almost a way of life for many US, and why some consider a burger at midnight is just something pecking.

According to David Portalatin, NPD Group advisor, "Defining meals, where and when we are being more fluid. People go to restaurants saying that a burger, something that we would consider lunch or dinner, It is a snack».

McDonalds exploiting this view leads from 2015, when he launched his service breakfast at any time of day, that has an impact on sales increases year after year around the 13%. further, the famous hamburger joint has detected that a 60% to take orders executed through its collaboration with GrubHub reaches outside the traditional hours of service.

Starbucks also tries to withdraw from the morning coffee with cold brews, Suitable for cooling off on any hot day and designed for takeaway. Who takes a distillate cold does while strolling around town or walking to work, in the same way you would with a soda.

These cases show that the market for home delivery of food and culture takeaway also play an important role in the falloff times, so a good solution for restaurants who want to join the trend in restoring food at any time of day can do so simply working with one of the entities that are responsible for the reservation and distribution (Uber Eats, Just Eat, Deliveroo…).

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