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AECOC 2017: HORECA market enjoys poor health of iron


Another edition, I have been present in the HORECA Congress AECOC held last 1 Y 2 March in Madrid, where they met more than 500 businessmen, concerning the chefs and restaurant world in its 15th anniversary, consolidating and the most prestigious annual event in the sector.

further, I again have the pleasure to attend the event with my great friend Diego Coquillat and I have shared time with Eva Ballarín Y Rodrigo Domínguez. A unique showcase and luxury company to discuss the conference and what it happened. A boat soon, It was confirmed the excellent 2016 and the positive trend that is the catering sector in Spain... They were two intense days, where you do not stop learning and on which this summary share with all readers of the newspaper:

Summary HORECA Congress AECOC

1 of March – First day of Congress #AECOCHoreca

Quotation opened Javier Campo, President of AECOC, and Jose Maria Rubio, president of the FEHR. On the one hand, Field spoke of future and innovation, and employment and the factors that contribute to the maintenance of GDP and its translation HORECA sector.

Deserves a separate article this brilliant analysis, although advance that are key to remedy the digital processing of our economy, training for all angles and commitment to innovation. We know well what to do, Another thing is that we know how…

On the other hand, José María Rubio spoke of the good year that just closed, with very good data, although clarifying curves arriving sector. We talked about the index of business confidence, which is not very high and is going down. This is a very accurate indicator; Here are the famous "intuition" the hotelier to predict what comes in the economy.

Also interesting changes in the census of Spanish settlements: openings are larger premises and closures are more micro peripheral areas and small towns. Taxes, schedules, hiperregulacion... other than the workhorses of those who told us the President of the FEHR.

Behind them, intervention began Javier Creus, founder Ideas for Change, with the presentation "How they are and how they think successful companies". To get into flour, He told us that his role was to "shoot from the future and try to tell us what happens there, analyzing how they think successful companies ". It talked about how we have managed to reach a new system where the customer is in the center and others (restaurants and suppliers, mainly) it must adapt to.

further, It added that the size of the organizations does not guarantee anything and are forced to learn very fast (quick&dirty); in digital environments the power is on the users, They are sharing knowledge and trends with great rapidity. So that companies can take advantage of this paradigm shift, We reeled the factors that shape the internal and external leverage of companies and to be put in place in order to survive in this new economy.

Certainly a creative vision that explains the onrushing: development and implementation of collaborative economies at all levels and in all sectors. We may like or not, but it is what comes. One of the phrases that marked me of his talk was as follows: "When you Plantées the future strategy of your company you should ask, What would Uber?”

And before the coffee break was carried out round table made of Alejandro de la Rosa, a foodie there Influencing Lifestyle, Clara P. Villalón, exparticipante of Masterchef, Y Álvaro Gómez, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Lolamarket. A table that was visible the reality of Millennials and how the industry has to adapt their offerings to this target, they are and will be the main consumers. Young and amply prepared, new consumers who have to follow very closely.

After the break, it was the turn of Mr.. Andrea Illy, President de Illy Caffé, one of the men most visionary business globally. In his speech "How heavy innovation and brand today?”, talked about how a brand is not only what it produces, in this case coffee, but also collaboration, sustainability, ethics and leadership in innovation, though perhaps he gave an overly positive view of the coffee market, especially the conditions of the producers ...

Very interesting analogies between the world of coffee and wine. His speech I'll take this phrase: "If you want to improve the world we live in, Your business begins to improve ". A gentleman.

And we close the first day of AECOC, with funny round table "The vision of the chefs: Creating concept of success and what trends continue "with the participation of Iñigo Pérez"Urrechu”, Chef and entrepreneur, Carles Tejedor, Chef, businessman and gastronomic consultant, Y Elias Xanty, Boss of Acánthum and businessman. They all spoke of how they had become entrepreneurs after starting in the kitchen and what decisions had been taken to achieve success, as far as possible.

It was the intervention that I liked, all spoke more with his head than with the heart and that can only mean one thing: They had realized the high importance of management. Carlos Tejedor mentioned: "There are very good cooks but the key is managing the restaurant" and Urrechu not far behind: "I like it management, It is essential in this business ". I loved the infectious good humor and positivism Iñigo and Xanthi, and life and business vision Carles.

Day 2 of March. Second day of #AECOCHoreca

The second day of the conference began at a rapid pace with the session "How sustainable is achieved international expansion and success?” given by Mario Bauer, CEO de Vapiano, one of the brands of reference in sustainable international growth and global success. It's amazing what he has achieved in this Austrian 15 years: take your teaching over 30 countries. The curious, Italy is not in his plans.

In an excellent talk, Mario spoke of his business, based on a fresh cuisine and freshly made by chefs that allow customization. Looking for premises environment fine dinning relaxed, although processes quickdinner and content prices. They opt for the single customer with specific supply and furniture tables 6 in 8 minimum persons.

A very successful business model, although it would be great to see your numbers to see if you can square the circle ... We were also told the recipe for a successful internationalization: very defined processes, German operations, involvement of partners balancing local and global alliances and people, the key to achieving "go out" without losing the soul. A piece of crack Mario.

The following two interventions dealt Hospitality distribution, on the one hand with a session Jacques Deronzier, CEO of the European division Brakes, in which he spoke of the possibilities that has the old continent in the areas of distribution. Much to do. Although there are significant challenges to local service as being the great global distributor. They Appeared mareantes figures on the impact of food and the importance and weight distribution.

For another, the panel discussion "How is it different regional distributors or specialists of major general?” in which participated Toni Rodés, Co-Owner We achieve Foodservice, Eduardo Garre, co-owner EHOSA, and Jordi Franch, CEO of Grupo Cutting’s&GuzamnFoodservice. A table in which the presenter highlighted, Alberto Ferreira de Campofrio, who He invigorated the table with humor and skill.

After the coffee break's turn came one of the spaces that attracted more professionals under the title of "Present and future of the 'burgermanía'". It gathered, on the one hand, Tim Lowther, the spearhead of the revolution hamburger in the UK, with whom we had the opportunity to know how he managed to reposition this product at companies like McDonalds, Burger King, Shake&Shack o FiveGuys.

After this first talk, it was the turn table discussion on this offer Andoni Goicoechea, owner of top Grill, Joaquin Capel, founder of several multi-tenant hospitality companies, and Bianca Shen, responsible for marketing Burger King. With them we found that the success of the burger as gastronomic concept is not finished and has a positive future ahead.

In my case, I do not like too, so I did not spend all the attention it deserves a segment, the burgers, so much joy gives hospitality today.

And to close the Congress, Bertin Osborne, presentador and entrepreneur restoration, He gave to know their business plans and sor new project: the Tabertina. A great name for a new and firm commitment of this force of nature. We wish you much success.

to end, I want to highlight the excellent organization of the event. An event designed and executed in an exemplary manner by the team of AECOC, by naming: Octavio Llamas, Patricia Fernandez Y Barbara Calvaresi. The times, the place, the ambientation, the catering and the entire atmosphere make this congress an event that should not be missed every year to find out what the future holds in the hospitality sector.

Definitely, but the smiles looked everywhere and the picture of the economy was very accurate, forecasts are not too optimistic for the coming four years ahead of us ... I hope the sector recovers sooner rather than later this bad iron constitution.

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