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August 2016: marketing activities calendar for restaurants


Begins August, very good date for restaurants for different reasons: for many, those in coastal and tourist areas, It is the month of the year more work and therefore higher turnover; for others it means closing the period in which your staff take a well deserved vacation.

If you are in the second group, From this digital newspaper we wish you a happy break, and if you stand in the first or are someone who does not close in August for different reasons, We suggest you in this article some ideas for your business during these weeks.

August is a very special month, a period that usually has a different dynamic work and in which celebrations abound, dates are opportunities to leverage in your favor. Here are a few:

Fiesta, What a fantastic, this fantastic holiday

And it is that August is the month of festivals for excellence in Spain. All across the territory are given different celebrations that can last a day or more and in them local and foreign people who are visiting want to have fun and enjoy.

The common point marks the day 15 of August, national celebration of religious origin -the Assumption of the Virgin- which is usually a bridge, and before then give a few holidays that restorers, depending on which geographical point of the country are, they can leverage to attract more customers.

Cambados, Galicia, of the 3 al 8 They are given Albariño parties, days in which he pays tribute to this famous Galician wine and if you have in your establishment can use for promotion, no matter where you are.

Of the 13 al 20 there will be two parties in separate parts of the country that are diametrically opposed: Málaga Fair and the Semana Grande in San Sebastian. If your restaurant is located in one of the two cities you have of course a big workload, But they are celebrations that can be leveraged across the country.

If you offer Andalusian or Basque cuisine in your establishment and you have the perfect opportunity to create a special menu for the holidays, a promotion with a top of these regions or some extra activity if space permits as dance or typical games. But if your kitchen is like unspecialized, ingéniatelas and make a promotion with a sweet wine from Malaga or txacolí. Ideas can be as many as traditions in these two communities, we know that many.

Of the 22 al 30 is the Semana Grande de Bilbao; and Madrid, the first fortnight happen the most traditional celebrations of the city one after another (San Cayetano, San Lorenzo and La Paloma), days in which we suggest the same as with previous. Do not miss a new audience the opportunity to attract.

International Beer Day

The day 5 August is celebrated from 2007, Beer Day. This year also falls on a Friday, and if you think there are few people in the world who does not like this drink and even less in this heat, which want a cold one at any moment, the insured have occasion to do something different: maridado menu, reed promotion + way, games such as hit the target with packs of beer with which you work as a reward, introduce a different beer that day as spicy or sweet with a plate.

The options are endless, What is clear is that it is a date that lends itself to execute an action.

World Food Day Cruda

He 28 es el World Raw Food Day or Raw Food Day, a type of food that recent years has increased the practice among those seeking eat healthily and has acquired greater importance.

If your restaurant is vegetarian cooking, vegan or raw food (there are some) It will be very easy to hold date, but if it is not, You can also take advantage of a day offering (leave it as an option even if successful) a dish that is related to this trend and at the same time go with your kitchen style. The aim is to bring the action to this audience. Other ideas can be organizing a talk related to the topic, or activity involving children learning about the nutritional value of raw foods.

World Humanitarian Day

To finish and as always, we have chosen a social relevance date with the intention that the use to do a good deed from your restaurant while you attract customers. In August, he 19, It is celebrated World Humanitarian Day, date established by the United Nations General Assembly as tribute to all humanitarian workers who risk their lives by helping others.

Puedes anunciarlo y destinar parte de tus ganancias de ese día a alguna organización que te guste de tu ciudad o pueblo, o lanzar una promoción con un plato o tapa y dirigir todas sus ventas a dicha organización (recuerda luego mostrar los resultados de alguna manera, te otorgará transparencia),o entregar algún tipo de alimento a un grupo que se dedique a dar comidas. Que tu intención sea buena y produzca resultados, así contribuyes a aportar un poco de ayuda a los desfavorecidos mientras cuidas la imagen de tu negocio.

Estas son solo algunas sugerencias, más abajo tienes unas cuantas fechas más que son relevantes este mes. Si estás abierto no dejes de aprovechar alguna de ellas junto a un plan de comunicación, verás cómo te beneficiará.

¡Que tengas un feliz verano!

Calendario de Agosto 2016

Agosto de 2016: calendario de acciones de marketing para restaurantesAgosto 2016: Calendario de acciones de marketing para restaurantes

Calendario de ideas de marketing para restaurante – Agosto 2016

Del día 2 al 15:

  • Fiestas de Madrid, San Cayetano, San Lorenzo y La Paloma

Del día 3 al 7:

  • Fiesta de Albariño, Galicia

Del día 4 al 10:

  • Fiesta de La Virgen Blanca, Vitoria Gasteiz, País Vasco

Día 4

  • Fiesta de la Rama, Agaete, Canarias

Día 5:

  • Día Internacional de la Cerveza

Día 6:

  • Descenso del Sella, Ribadesella, Asturias

Día 7:

  • Desembarco vikingo Catoira
  • Día Internacional de la Amistad (#usa)

Día 8:

  • Happiness Happens Day (#usa)

Del día 9 al 15:

  • Fiesta de San Lorenzo, Huesca, Aragón

Día 10:

  • Día de Ecuador

Día 12:

  • Día Internacional de la Juventud

Día del 13 al 20:

  • Feria de Málaga, Andalucía
  • Semana Grande de San Sebastián, País Vasco

Día 13:

  • Nit de l´Albà d´Elx (Elche), Alicante

Día 14:

  • Día de la Asunción de María
  • Fiesta del pulpo,Carballino, Galicia

Día 15:

  • Día Mundial de la Relajación
  • Romería Marítima de la Virgen de la Palma, Algeciras, Andalucía

Día 19:

  • National Potato Day (#usa)
  • Día Mundial de la Asistencia Humanitaria
  • Día Mundial de la Fotografía

Día 20:

  • Día Internacional del Animal sin Hogar

Día del 22 al 30:

  • Semana Grande de Bilbao, País Vasco

Día 24:

  • National Waffle Day (#usa)
  • Encierros de Cuellar, Castilla y León

Día 25:

  • Día de Uruguay

Día 26:

  • Batalla de las Flores, Laredo, Cantabria

Día 27:

  • El Cipotegato, Tarazona, Aragón

Día 28:

  • Día Mundial de la Comida Cruda

Día 31:

  • La Tomatina, Buñol, Valencia

Aquí puedes descargar el calendario en PDF con las mejores ideas de marketing para restaurantes:

Agosto 2016: Calendario de acciones de marketing para restaurantes

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