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Airbnb offers restaurant reservations to its customers


Airbnb It is pivoting your business idea peering into the world of restaurants, And the software platform dedicated to the supply of tourist accommodation to individuals has announced that users of its application, may from now also make reservations for restaurants.

This service is possible thanks to the collaboration with the Bookings app Losers, which it has been integrated seamlessly into Airbnb. At the moment, users can book more than 650 restaurants of 16 major US cities, como Washington D.C., San Francisco and Los Angeles. Although they intend to expand into other markets and subsequently internationally.

Ben Leventhal, co-founder and CEO of Resy, last week made a statement to CNN Tech at an event in New York City in stating that: "The experience of book lodging and restaurants It should be noted from the same prism, and we believe it is necessary to put them together. That's how people explore the cities: Book a room and visit restaurants. When I get visiting any new city, the first thing I wonder is: Where can I eat?” Leventhal she sentenced.

Resy and Airbnb together to provide restaurant reservations

Using the tab restaurants website or application Airbnb, any user can Search cooking styles, hour or by localization the perfect restaurant for every occasion. It is certainly an excellent way to enhance the experience of travelers.

For cities where this service is active, users will find restaurant recommendations ordered classifications as "the essential places for lunch", "Italians can not miss" or "most wanted restaurants". Restaurant management according to the note obtained by users ensures quality of service.

Airbnb started testing its reservation application via Resy in May 2016, using as a testbed to several restaurants in the city of San Francisco. Earlier 2017, Resy announced a funding round $13 million led by Airbnb. Currently, This application operates in various US cities. offering reservations over 900 restaurants.

Joe Zadeh It is the leading business unit and Travel Experiences Airbnb, and recently he stated that change is part of the DNA Airbnb, a company that He wants to expand beyond the business of the supply of tourist accommodation individuals: "Our perspective is: how Airbnb can provide perfect travel experience? From our point of view, we have the technology to do this. "Zadeh said, who only thinks new dynamics to make more pleasant stay in a city when you go visiting.

Airbnb already tried new things with Trips

Last year, the company announced Trips, a feature that allowed users to book tours with local residents within the same application Airbnb. This activities, call "Experiences Airbnb", They ranged from surfing to make your own pottery or share a meal, and were users who had to pay local by shared experiences.

Experiences Airbnb allowed users to find different events depending on their location and interests, and according to Joe Zadeh, experiences related to food They have been some of the most popular.

The company offers this new functionality 12 cities, and today has more of 1.800 activities worldwide, also in Spain where users can perform a route LGTBI, Yoga classes, a horseback ride through medieval villages or a tour to see the city through their graffiti in areas such as Madrid or Barcelona.

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