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@alain_passard is the best Instagram account a restaurant according to the World Restaurants Awards


Instagram It is in the crosshairs of entrepreneurs in the digital era. The social network unseating Facebook the first position 2023 some analysts. The keys to success of the platform are based on the comfort offered to its users by exceptional usability and the speed with which information is conveyed, that is eminently visual Instagram.

These characteristics have made many artists and entrepreneurs opt for this site when promote their products. Food and gastronomy are no exception. Instagram professional snapshots of the most diverse dishes abound, from the remotest corners of the planet and most renowned establishments.

It is a meeting place for restorers of all places and specialties, it is logical that the social network has been erected as a perfect setting to publicize the work of chefs success, and their best creations. It is an action midway between digital marketing for restaurants, Disclosure of the culinary culture and creating brand image, with consequent mobilization of public netizen that this entails.

Such is the influence of Instagram in the restaurant world today that one of the galas most modern and current industry awards has decided to include a space dedicated to the media platform.

Its about World Restaurants Awards, whose first edition took place a few months ago in the city of Paris (France). This event is a collaboration of IMG, an expert in media, trends, events, fashion and sports, In collaboration with Joe Warwick, food critic, Y Andreas Petrini, presenter and creator of culinary road show Gelinaz!

The aim of the event was to celebrate the restaurants and culture, and so many of the categories that judges attended were related to highly relevant or even avant-garde aspects of the world of restoration.

And the best gastronomic Instagram account was one of the fights that took place during last February. Never before he had recognized the work of chefs and specialists in digital marketing for restaurants like this, but given the results, We understand that this first experience sets a precedent for the immediate future.

The winning account was @alain_passard. I beat the other competitors thanks to its airy and colorful dishes, blending tradition, local ingredients belonging to the Mediterranean diet and transgressive Ideas.

Alain Passard It is the restaurant chef Arpels located in the city of Paris (France). With a third of a century of history, this restaurant has been among the hundred best European restaurants according to the OAD. Success is found in the previous awarded a prize that has received local: Arpege has three Michelin stars.

In Instagram account, Passard share all kinds of dishes. Although it looks a predilection for chicken and desserts, a cursory visual discloses culinary wonders as a white asparagus carpaccio, Manon a tasty pâté with potatoes, or a delicate dish of fresh seafood composed of Gallic sea urchin, tartar Saint Jacques are kiwi Gros Chesnay.

The chef is inspiring account, Elegant and, especially, stimulating. It is difficult for the appetite is not open after seeing the more of 500 publications that Passard has put online. The same view should have almost 300 000 followers which they remain aware of their profile.

Among the nominees for this award were personalities of the sector as Dominique Crenn, Matty Matheson, Rene Redzepi, Bo Beach, Jordi Roca, Mugaritz, Sean Rock, David Chang, Margaret Kamo, Jotham Ottlenghi o Perm Paitayawat. The presence of two candidates from Spain as they are Jordi Roca and equipment of Mugaritz.

Based on these profiles we can see what the blunting qualities that make a profile of Instagram dedicated to the restoration: high quality photos, excellence in conveying feelings and emotions in snapshots, Documents containing the beauty of the dishes prepared by the chefs, positive stimuli associated with the ingredients used and so on.

In addition to the renowned associated, the winner has got an extra boost in their restaurant. While it was a local success in the past, Now the waiting list has been expanded so that it is difficult to find a table.

The charter of Arpège It is not for everybody. Prices of dishes, as a luxury restaurant that is, They are high. In return, diner enjoys a sublime and incomparable experience, staffed by the best professionals and tasting dishes that carry, not hours, but working days to reach their full development. In the lounge located on the street Varenne Paris, the visitor can try culinary wonders as vegetable purple cover tartar with horseradish acid, fried parsley confit with salted butter monarch or Machecoul, pulling Spanish products, Breton coast fish grilled with smoked paprika Candeleda.

The prices of the dishes are among the 46 euros in the case of fittings, and the 185 euros of meat and fish. further, Visitors have the option to opt for a tasting menu. There are three available: one plant ("Spring Gardens' with price 320 €), one of products of the land and sea (390€) Y, Finally, lunch with produce from the garden (175€).

If prices despite the restaurant has seen a greater influx of visitors by winning the award for best Instagram account on the World Awards Restaurants, it is clear that this initiative will arouse greater interest in 2020, when the second edition was held. Hope will see who will compete then.

Award for Best Instagram account by the World Restaurants Awards: @alain_passard

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