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Alberto Contador and franchise restaurants La Mafia, an example of CSR works


Italian franchise restaurants The Mafia sits at the table It is offering good examples of how to manage a restaurant chain actions CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility.

The fact is that sport has successfully fused with gastronomy and restaurants, and with the support of great figures as Alberto counter, the brand is becoming a benchmark for other chains who want to give relevance to their social actions.

Fell, cycling, football and golf are the sports chosen restaurants to collaborate in various actions and activities throughout the year and for solidarity will be held in different parts of the country.

A chain of restaurants committed to Corporate Social Responsibility

In the words of Elena Corzan, CSR Management responsible for franchise: “The Mafia sits at the table shares besides work for Alberto Contador Foundation, Two other elements in the organization Corporate Social Responsibility Business: his work with SOS Children's Villages and Orphanage My Home located in Kathmandu, Nepal, where training finance, accommodation and subsistence costs more 130 children with difficulties in accessing education and school”.

The social networks are not alien to these activities, where the chain diffuses each of the actions for your community of followers know and participate in its various initiatives. An example has been the fifth edition of Campus Selection of Alberto Contador Foundation in Zaragoza, in which 30 young people chosen for their sports curriculum, school performance and human values, They trained as future runners Kometa junior team of Alberto Contador Foundation. It is young people between 14 Y 16 years in Spain and also outside the country of which, 12 They have already been selected to be part of this team.

Sport + Restaurants: A formula that works

Since 4 years, the franchise has become the official sponsor of the Official Campus Alberto Contador. Not in vain, in each of the restaurants La Mafia, Customers can find a pizza in his letter called the “Solidarity Pizza” with which it is intended one 5% its price to the foundation of cyclist, in charge of investing the money raised to support the fight against stroke.

To finish we shared a selection of tweets where you can see the great pull in the audience who have everything this type of solidarity actions that combine the forces of sport with gastronomy and restaurants.

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