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“Alexa, help me get a job at McDonald's”, an innovative system to capture new employees


A scalar a business always comes at the time when a task that initially seemed trivial becomes a logistical challenge. Big fast food chains are no exception, and the proof is McDonald’s, with its more of 36 000 establishments scattered throughout the world He faces all kinds of ridiculous inefficiencies with surprisingly high costs when the large volume of sales points extrapolating.

One of the latest developments that the hamburger giant has launched a new approach to caring for people interested in working in the company. This way is to energize a process that the brand is vitally important today given the high rate of replenishment affecting restaurants.

Is about Apply Thru. Name, as easily can be intuited, It is derived from the intercoms rails drive-thru, and is neither more nor less than a process management applications completely powered by technology chatbot conversational based on IA.

To implement this system McDonald's has not needed to resort to the company Dynamic Yields, artificial intelligence specialists acquired last 2019 a huge sum. No. The solution to the problem was much simpler and to the extent of any entrepreneur. Thanks to a careful integration with virtual assistants Google and Amazon, McDonald's can start the selection process in a completely automated.

Both Google as Home Alexa still have some limitations in the service, but nothing to stop the great eme advance their automation plans all segments of its operation. Specific, candidates who access the selection process this way will have to work more than usual to be understood, conversational skills of chatbots they are not yet perfect, Y both figurative language as common expressions often escape their understanding.

The change comes at McDonald's is a difficult time for recruitment in restaurants, at least in the EE. THE. it means. There, the unemployment rate has reached historic lows, standing on a 3.7%. This makes the number of people interested in joining the team at McDonald's has been reduced considerably.

Another factor that is hampering recruitment in the North American country is a paradigm shift in the behavior of recent graduates of compulsory secondary education. Teens seek other jobs, because the world of fast food has a great reputation among youth by conditions and low wages.

This last point is of particular relevance also, as one of the social movements that traction has had in recent years among workers in the sector is the fight for a minimum living wage. From the perspective of unskilled workers who work in organized restoration, this struggle for a fee to meet vital needs is logical. But for the entrepreneur the mention of reducing profit margins brings to mind the suggestive idea robotics for restaurants.

These three points another unprecedented feature adds young workers, who have traditionally made up the bulk of the workforce in fast food restaurants EE. THE. This is the poor social skills millennials and later generations, they encounter serious difficulties to communicate effectively and professionally in the workspace, both with peers and with customers, also having no capacity as far as conflict resolution is concerned.

So much so that McDonald's has used the message boards that manages the association of pensioners of the country's most important to put senior positions with training responsibilities to the extent of over 60 years.

It is abundantly clear then that McDonald's and other restaurant chain large number of local, open as many avenues for receiving resumes and job applications as possible is not a whim, but a necessity.

On other occasions we have talked about how propitiated in Chick-fil-A contracting through video interviews, Always hand Frank Yurchak, a scholar in the field with decades of experience in these conflicts. Or how some restaurants of the highest level open their candidates through social networks using unorthodox protocols. And is that reality does not fool anyone: Anything goes to be with the workers who provide more value to our business.

McDonald's employs nearly two million people worldwide. That is why for the executive director of human resources at McDonald's, David Fairhurst, makes sense to use the technology that is necessary to ensure that the experience of hiring is the day with the highest standards worldwide.

Fairhurst exposed: "Over and breadth of our most important international markets we have already implemented a range of initiatives, from planning systems on line, to the use of gamification and augmented reality in delivering our core training programs. Our bidding process initiated by voice, Apply Thru, It is just another way we are using technology to benefit our people ".

The benefit is obvious when an unemployed person can go to the virtual assistant Amazon, say "Alexa, help me get a job at McDonald's "and start the selection process. Or do the same with Google Home, with just pronounce "OK Google, contacta al Apply Thru de McDonald’s».

Everyone involved in communication and win-win is entirely due to an ingenious application of existing technology. A winning move by McDonald's, definitely.

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