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Alibaba launches an application for online food orders from the car


When a customer makes facilitate your requests and transactions on any given business (not only in the restoration), the convenience of the available methods and variety of these help those interactions have a greater success rate.

If a customer only has a payment method to settle its debt with the establishment, then you can change your mind and not make the purchase because of the additional complications that this causes.

In the same way, if a person has hand your mobile, but there is a app mobile available that allows you to place an order or reservation at any establishment, then you most likely look for another place to make acquisitions that if that opportunity.

To a lesser extent, any inconvenience that may arise during the interaction between customer and seller will affect the volume percentage of perceived business in the local. When the problem the consumer faces is serious, the effect will be very negative; and when milder (for example, a Web page bad optimized for viewing on mobile), the percentage of business lost by friction will be lower.

This percentage may be so small that it is difficult to perceive, but when taking into consideration large amounts of money, every tenth of a percentage point accumulates to result in amounts not inconsiderable. In the world of restoration one of the most important aspects in this regard is to provide the potential consumer a way to place your order no matter where you are, It is what is known as the omnicanalidad.

To make it, organized chains restoration have been concerned about phone, chatbots, websites, mobile applications and even profiles reserves management systems third.

Innovations in the field of availability and affordability of orders succeed in this industry. Pizza chain Domino’s He has tried some methods unexplored as may be:

  • vehicles traveling equipped with ovens
  • Cast public congregations
  • Ordering and delivery points in high traffic areas

Of course, These are just three examples of many that the franchise has tested with varying degrees of success. The idea is the customer always has the possibility to order your food. To this we must take into account what are the situations where the consumer does not have the option of accessing your mobile terminal are.

According to current studies, a 95% of the world's population has mobile phone. in the West, the percentage of the population that has a smartphone round 95%. Nevertheless, there is a situation where people can not use their phone to make orders: when they are driving a vehicle.

Many workers who would like to make better use of their time and be able to take your phone to deliver him at home freshly cooked takeaways as soon as you enter the door of your home. Nevertheless, the use of the terminal in the car is prohibited by the law of movement of most countries in the world.

That is why some companies automotive, in cooperation with catering companies and teams of engineers specialized in telecommunications solutions, They have begun to develop systems that allow orders online by voice commands.

Continuing with the example presented above, the Domino's, Note that this pioneer in many fields of technology applied to the restoration employs a centralized communications system known as AnyWare. AnyWare It is a solution of software that comes standard integration with hands-free programs installed on some automotive racing teams. This proprietary code represents an addition to the operating system from 2014 in Ford, el SYNC AppLink.

The precedent set by the American pizza chain is now copied by the Chinese wholesale giant Alibaba.

In the last Shanghai Auto Show, Corporation Daniel Zhang He presented its version of the technology. Far from being a cheap copy of models Ford o Domino’s, system performance has many advantages.

One of the most interesting aspects of the program is its subdivision into minor applications that can be installed independently to occupy no more space than absolutely necessary in the vehicle console.

The apps work on others, Alibaba operating system, having as interesting utilities as keep in line to reserve a facility that is currently not available, reserve a table, place an order and even close a transaction. And all this can be done without having to physically interact with the tool, all you need is to use the driver appropriate voice commands.

In addition to helping boost the catering sector in China, This strategic move is also important for the Chinese giant defend the hegemony of its operating system in future car models on the market. These cars are increasingly equipped with more electronic service and installation of programs that help them function properly has become a business.

In this sense, the most direct competitors of the corporation are Chinese companies Baidu Y Tencent. Advantageously to position, Alibaba has partnered with Baima Network, SAIC Motor and Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen to integrate the OS on as many vehicles as possible. Currently about one million utility already have this system, so that Alibaba advantage over its rivals has only dilating.

And while Alibaba and automotive companies are struggling to maintain its leadership, Chinese citizens circulating on urban roads or roads linking cities and towns in China are already counting down the days to place orders by voice while driving without losing focus when looking at the screen of your mobile.

Convenience to place orders could only be increased if the cars would lead alone, the big question that Alibaba is already studying; the next target is in view and is autonomous driving.

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