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Alphabet invests 10 million in Kitchen United for the creation of shared kitchen


Kitchen United is a start-up Technology based in Pasadena (California, OF. UU.) whose objective is restaurants help to reach new markets without the need to expand its network of establishments. Something that will certainly make many young entrepreneurs who dream of opening his own restaurant can do, and that owners who have already experienced moderate success can make expansion plans with negligible risk.

To that end they use what they have agreed to call "centers cooking", strategically placed warehouses that can accommodate up kitchen spaces 20 various restoration business.

Prepared them food not consumed at these sites. These spaces serve to shared kitchen chains can operate from new locations without the need to tackle the steep initial investments involving the acquisition or rental property. A recurring impairment that slows the growth of many restaurant chains in an initial stage of expansion.

The idea has sparked interest GV, branch dedicated to investment Alphabet (parent company which belongs Google), which has invested 10 million dollars to promote the implementation and development of the system. And also to evolve its other products.

One of these products is data analysis that feeds the decision-making about which sites are interesting to erect kitchen centers. further, as progress with the project, could eventually provide information public consumption reached so that different restaurants to deciding whether or not they have a presence in the kitchen center.

If the concept has shed, Kitchen United could indicate an Italian restaurant if your appearance in the area would be accompanied by an audience ready to consume paste, pizza and other delights of the boot-shaped peninsula. Or maybe you saw obliged to report that what would actually work there is a Chinese food.

The idea is not new. In recent months there have been many similar initiatives. One of the most talked about is the Deliveroo, which comes in the form of campaign Editions de EE. UU., and how Deliveroo Food Market in Southeast Asia (currently only in Hong Kong, but soon also in Singapore City). It is about, in the same way, shared kitchen space, however the goal is somewhat different because Deliveroo offers eating at the establishment, and participating restaurants use the space not only to project your business, but to gather information about new menu ideas and consumer habits of citizens.

In New York, where land prices are absolutely crazy and are causing the closure of many businesses restoration by reduced profit margins on products, There has also been a similar idea. We talk about Pilotworks, which likewise, It has already received funds from investors. Specific, Pilotworks obtained 13 million through financing Serie.

The bet was headed by Techstars Ventures Y Acre Venture Partners, and give the old Foodworks bellows in these new times of vicious competition.

At the moment, United Kitchen is a small proposal in the tangle of start-ups who struggle to occupy this niche. Pasadena ship houses 15 restaurants including brands are known for Californians, as may be Canter’s Deli, Mama Musubi, Barney’s Gourmet Burgers Y Pizza Plant. Accordance with the specifications of the location, still they have enough space to expand its cast of collaborators in the city on the west coast, However, the eyes are placed far beyond the city of roses.

With the huge investment they have just received, expansion plans will materialize and size of the company would change radically. If the plans are implemented as stipulated, later this year United Kitchen would have shared kitchen space for restaurants in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Columbus, Phoenix, Seattle, Denver and New York.

Thanks to them the restorers of these cities can minimize your expenses for leases, a fact that undoubtedly will be greatly appreciated as this selection of cities represents some of the most expensive of all United States.

In addition to investing in real estate, part of the money will be aimed at improving logistics company, and to innovate in the field of engineering and enhance their efforts marketing.

Trusted by Alphabet, Harry Tsao and John Miller behind, only it remains to be seen whether or fail to achieve its goal of opening seven new shared kitchen space before the end 2019.

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