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Amazon commitment to make restaurant reservations through Alexa


After a quick flirtation with the sector food stores, Amazon It prepares to make another investment directly related to the world of restoration.

Retail giant bet in this case by a company of software specialized, SevenRooms, best known for its reservation system for restaurants of the same name, but many other creative digital solutions as:

  • Interactive waiting lists
  • Management programs tables and chairs
  • macrodata deployable real-time customer
  • Profiles with exhaustive information diners
  • Tools integration with social networks
  • Utilities analysis focused on email marketing
  • Point of sale web oriented presale, creating events and marketing general
  • Task managers with chronological presentation screen
  • Authorization processes payment methods
  • integrated booking forms or billing Calculator
  • Search bars and dynamic reserve
  • Tracking tools for advertising campaigns
  • Direct connection to third party booking services
  • Management tools patron-client relations
  • Integration with POS Terminals
  • Botes automatic answering emails

Being such a prolific developer, SevenRooms has earned the trust of countless chains and brands organized EE renovation. THE. and the rest of North America, some of which they are known standard: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Standard Hotels, Live Nation, MAN Group, Ethan Stowell Restaurants, NoHo Hospitality Group Y Chase Hospitality Group, among many other prestigious names.

No wonder Amazon has recently announced that it has invested in the company in order to boost their efforts.

Nor is it a surprise to SevenRooms, who had already obtained eight million dollars in funding through a Series A funding round. The amount obtained in December 2017 during the round led by Comcast America, must now add an amount unreported (following the guidelines of the fund granted) which could reach 100 millions of dollars, upper limit Alexa Aid Fund, the mechanism by which Amazon offers equity initiatives that can spur progress and innovation in the field of voice technology.

SevenRooms thus joins a whole string of emerging companies that have been subject to such honor: Ecobee, garageio, luma, Owlet, Novel Effect, Comet and many other.

What you have been the company Jeff Bezos in a start-up as modest as SevenRooms?

First, a product that can be used both indoors, and outdoors, and even in transit, and it has clear potential integration Alexa Voice Service. On the other hand you can not ignore a packed computer skills can expand Alexa devices through intelligent use of the toolkit dev Alexa Skills Set. Y, as previously overtook, possible new voice technologies, recognition and conversational understanding, artificial intelligence and general improvement of virtual assistants voice that could emerge.

Amazon has no doubts. Paul Bernard, director del Alexa Fund de Amazon, He made the following statements to Business Insider: "Our intention is that Alexa is available there where customers want to interact with it, and we see tremendous potential for voice interaction in the workplace and in other business environments. In the industry restauaración, specifically, we see an opportunity to voice technology helps workers reduce friction, make smarter decisions and offer more personalized experiences diners».

The point of view of Paul Bernard largely coincides with the position defended by the founder and CEO of SevenRooms, Joel Montaniel: «Voice operated technology is already causing an impact on all industries, and continues to play a crucial role in the daily lives of consumers and businesses with which they interact. In SevenRooms we are always looking for ways in which technology can simplify operations while you customize and humanize the experiences of diners. Restorers have long supported on an interface or screen to access information, failing to pay attention to customers and tasks ".

The words of Paul and Joel, as well as the magnificent reception given voice virtual assistants portend a future in which these technologies are much more present than we could predict.

For now the lines of work supported under sinergístico project between Alexa and SevenRoom Two: allow make restaurant reservations through Alexa and seek assistance from facility staff through the device if necessary.

In the future new lines of research will open, However. You can not forget that technology SevenRoom collects all sorts of data about customer visits: preferences for the menu, Booking Time, quiet time, time that the client appears, wanted items, number of companions, etc. Thanks to this kind of information Alexa It could become the perfect sumiller, one that you will always offer wine appreciated by the person concerned. And who says wine, says any dish. The ultrapersonalizadas recommendations could become one of the largest generators of business in the next wave of digital restoration transofrmación.

While the technical difficulties are solved with engineering hours, sessions brainstorming and complex calculations, Joel awaits the day that the integration has been successfully completed. If your vision just materializing, Alexa could erase a common sight in contemporary restaurants: customers with his nose buried in their mobile screens.

Much remains to be done. However, some bumps in the road have already been circumvented.

In the case of privacy issues. A substantial improvement over other systems, SevenRooms offer full customization on the data amassed by the system. And when we say all, we refer to all. Privacy interface will resemble more a conversation between two people deciding what they can tell others and what not, that typical forms that can be found in different social networks.

These details are what make us rely on the expertise of the company. Because after all, paraphrasing the Montaniel, Amazon is focused on user experience. And they also. Only that specialized in the field of restoration.

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