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Amazon Echo and includes recommendations for restaurants Voice


The virtual assistant Amazon, in its latest update, and it allows for restaurant recommendations by agreement with Yelp.

It seems that Amazon continues its goal of providing services related to restaurants to their most loyal customers. This interest was already evident in the article that I shared a few weeks ago in the digital newspaper under the title “Born Amazon Restaurants”.

Do you know Amazon Echo? It is a small robot that acts as a virtual assistant thanks to speech recognition performing. Watch the video below:

As well, in the last update that Amazon has launched in Alexa, the application that synchronizes services wizard, This already allows respond to recommendations of the closest restaurants thanks to a recent agreement with Yelp.

The user can request information about restaurants and the wizard is offered in detail thanks to the content you get from one of the leading portals in the world of hospitality business recommendations.

The operation is very simple, Amazon Echo users must Alexa geographically your position on the application and from that moment and get the relevant information from nearby businesses with questions like; “¿Alexa, What restaurant would you recommend? the ¿Alexa, what nearby restaurants there?”

The information obtained may be different depending on the questions, You can even get the phone, the address or the hours that the restaurant is open. Right now I do not have information about the possibility of making a reservation through voice, although it can be done from the application and see the opinions of other customers.

The possibilities that virtual assistants for the world of restaurants are endless, examples as Siri Apple or attendees to order food from the car prove it, transferring a write process manual search or an intelligent oral application that interacts with the user personally and in many cases facilitates the process.

This serves to highlight the relevance of my theories about ubiquitous restaurants, and thanks to technology the two basic pillars of the relationship between customers and restaurants throughout the twentieth century have been transformed, the relationship is no longer limited when taking the product and the relationship no longer exists on a face environment.

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