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Amazon wants to revolutionize online shopping for fresh produce


Amazon He wants to expand his reign in the field of electronic commerce and for it He has introduced its latest innovation, AmazonFresh Pickup, a service that allows you to buy fresh food online, and pick them up in the trunk of your car in just a few minutes.

This is A new twist on the road that started with Amazon Prime Now, its home delivery service. Now is the user who after making the purchase of fresh produce using the app or the web, collects shopping list in the right place, at the point of collection agreed. There will be an employee of the company itself responsible for loading all products in our vehicle and we whom we will reach our house.

Although the launch is still in beta and only for the neighborhoods of Ballard and Seattle SoDo, locality in which the company was born, and it is only available to their own employees, we have discovered a little about how this innovative technology works.

As reported in the web technology news GeekWire, Amazon said in its own web will use the license plate recognition to find and match the vehicle user which he has made the order.

The logistics of this new experiment allows the customer simply has to choose the collection point regardless of whether the order quantity and in a few minutes you will receive the purchase in your trunk.

Buying your trunk of fresh produce in just 15 minutes

Another issue that the company wanted to clarify, is the differentiation between Amazon Prime members and those who pay an extra per month for a membership Amazon Fresh Premium Add-on. These They can pick up your purchase in just fifteen minutes After completing the order while regular members of Amazon Prime, choose different collection options in order of arrival without exceeding in any case two hours.

To better understand the process of collecting AmazonFresh Pickup, the company has prepared a video showing perfect service:

If you are a frequent Amazon shopper and this news has aroused your curiosity, the company has made available to its users the option to pre-register for Notified when the application is ready for use and take advantage of this new system deliveries You want to revolutionize fresh food trade online.

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