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Amazon Restaurants, the unfinished business of e-commerce giant


Nobody says it simple to compete on the stage of home delivery of food in UK, Deliveroo It has its stronghold there Y Uber Eats, however much they insist from the parent company, fails to wrest its leadership position.

After two years he is fighting for a place, Amazon Restaurants It has stopped working in the country a few months ago. in EE. UU., It has also closed its service since last June by the great competition that it faces.

The numbers offered by Technomic, a US company based in Chicago running analysis and consulting work for the catering sector, They speak for themselves: while Amazon was Restaurants available in 25 US cities. THE., Eat Streets served in 250 locations and Grubःub does the same 1600.

Amazon Restaurants goes wrong stop even when compared with the economic returns of different industry rivals. The five companies sharing food with higher incomes are, in descending order, Grubःub, Uber Eats, by Dash, Postmates, Y Caviar.

It's more, about 2017, all these companies have experienced increase of about 50% in income; result of increased business take away which it is being observed globally.

And is that according to data from The NPD Group Y Cowen and Company, in 2022 the turnover derived from orders to bring increase to the 75.900 millions of dollars, considering only restaurants EE. THE. Is or are 28.500 million more than 2018; Or what is the same, an increase of more than 60%.

Faced with cooperation in terms of exclusivity Uber Eats signed with McDonald's, What did Amazon Restaurants?

It seems that nothing.

According to Melissa Wilson, Director of Technomic, It was just a "beep on the radar '. Professional continued their exchange for Change Table analyzing some of the reasons why the proposal Amazon could never come to fruition: "Compared to other service providers, we have observed that Amazon has been very slow in its approach to growth».

The reasons for the escalation of services has failed to take place they are not clear, but Wilson deck as likely climb aboard Whole Foods, which it was acquired by Amazon in 2017, as well as the difficulties arising from the search for a second location, exploration in which the corporation is shipped for months.

However, although Amazon Restaurants It has already disappeared in the UK and US. THE, This does not mean it has given up on what the home delivery of food is concerned. As announced a few months ago Amazon has become part of Deliveroo to lead a round of more than 500 millions, whose market value is above the 4000 millions of dollars. Founded in London in 2013, Deliveroo and adds more 1.300 million raised euros and operates in more than 500 cities in 14 markets, Colaborate with 60.000 deliverers and 80.000 restaurants, and has 2.500 employees in offices.

"Do not discard Amazon. You may only have been testing the waters, have proven strong market penetration of competitors, and they have decided to retire for the time being ', Melissa concludes.

Definitely, This could be the case.

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