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Amazon is associated with Olo to conquer the market of home delivery restaurants in the United States


Amazon has been proposed end the complexities that carry orders online allying with Feeling, food delivery company responsible for US customers to get food in their homes as importantantes chain restaurants like Shake Shack or Chipotle.

This company, He announced last week that it will integrate the Amazon delivery service on its platform Restaurants in order to simplify processes, both ordering and delivery, food that customers ask in restaurants.

Integration cause Olo customers easily added to the system Amazon Restaurants, what Restaurant simplifies the process of receiving the order, while the amount thereof which can be received in the limited peak hours, one of the biggest problems currently generates the home ordering system for restaurants.

E-commerce titan has been working to decipher Code Food Delivery for at least a decade. And now, your system will be based on that Olo provide the necessary technological platform to publish menus and take orders, while Amazon will organize deliveries.

Amazon enters the war of delivery

"The orders are Amazon Restaurants directly to the dealer instead of a tablet”, in the words of the founder of Olo, Noah Glass in an interview that could read Nation’s Restaurant News. He continued that: "A restaurant that makes delivery has five or six tablets, each specific to a different delivery market. Having to add each movement in the TPV, what a waste of time and resources for the hotelier” he sentenced.

Restaurants work with companies dedicated to bring food home, very often they use different tablets to receive orders directly from each supplier, and it is up to the restaurant added later these orders to your POS system. With this new system you save this step.

As Olo offers digital orders 200 restaurant brands and 40.000 establishments in total, integration with Amazon Restaurants will result in a new product called Olo Rails, in which the company handles the order entering the system directly to TPV, where you also can modify menus.

The system allows companies to easily change menus, Gus Lopez, Amazon CEO Restaurants, He said in a statement “integration will allow providers to deliver adding new restaurants and new delivery options for their customers in a very simple way”.

VS technology companies restaurants

This agreement is another example of the race that is taking place in the restaurant industry for adapt to new surroundings, in which consumers demand new delivery services to restaurants, to provide them with a faster experience, anywhere.

Today we can distinguish a scenario in which companies, or hire service providers, or the drivers themselves. Others are more focused on improving their own offerings to meet the demand for services delivery chains.

Olo plan aims to integrate your Rails system with a number of different delivery providers, that allow companies to capture new business opportunities that otherwise might not get. The catering industry is excited about the idea of ​​unlocking the consumer's desire to obtain food in the most convenient way possible.

It is recalled that since Amazon was made with Whole Foods Market by $13.7 billion has significant capital in the industry restaurants, a sector that is definitely ready to go.

He market food delivery through mobile applications It was about 10.000 million dollars in 2016 and it is expected to exceed 35.000 million 2020, according to a study Cowen & Co. In fact, to McDonald's Corp., which it has resisted offering delivery service for many years, recently he partnered with US UberEats, and consequently, the service is now available in a 3.500 locations of this important franchise burgers.

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