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Amazon brings you food to trunk of your car with your service In-Car Key


Those who seemed good smart close, Amazon Key Y Cloud Camera Cam, are in luck because after allow access to their tents Amazon they can do the same with their cars.

Emerged from a new collaboration between the giant digital sales and automakers General Motors Y Volvo, Amazon innovative service aims deliver parcels directly in the trunk of the vehicle.

This is achieved through an agreement with the user, which is to allow access to third parties associated with the company, and the series integrated technologies in new cars and serve as a bridge of communication between vehicles and management software used in the Bezos corporation.

At the moment, the novelty does not leave the US environment. Several cities have tried a beta version since late 2017, and now officially launches the latest update 36 cities.

According to the promotional video, at the moment customers benefit nests in very specific niches. We present two cases: that of a mother who does not want to bother your baby with the bell while sleeping newborn and the parents who have bought some birthday gifts and pretend their little not notice it until the last moment.

It does not help that car owners have to be subscribed to services OnStar O Volvo on Call, as appropriate, specification does not appear in the previously assembled cars 2015.

Nevertheless, the lack of acceptance, logic in a service that has just hit dealerships, It is simply a stumbling block on the road to a technological innovation in distribution, parcel and freight mobility which no doubt will eventually take off.

If we look a little further, What can mean this service to the world of restoration?

Many workers EE. THE. who they perform their work in large offices, technological parks, industries or important cities, see how your time to eat is reduced by long lines. The alternative to waiting is to bring precooked in a container and reheat in a microwave.

Not the best bite after a hard morning's work. Thus, it is not uncommon to see men and women who, in a desperate attempt to combine good food and comfort, decide pick up your food in a business take away and taste it quietly in the car. Is a picture that is repeated every day, and the birth of iconic characters like Daym Drops, memes and viral materialization of this trend, predicts future widespread habit.

So that, is matter of time arising variants delivery food delivery using these new technologies to bring menus directly to properly parked cars near the workplace.

yes, there are still many obstacles and limitations to overcome to make it happen. So far the system has the following problems:

  • Shortage of preset locations where service use. Users of the new service Amazon can not expect it to work anywhere. At all times, in your profile, You must contain an address (home or work) in which the vehicle has to be parked. This can be changed at the convenience, but Eligible locations are not many: Main roads and parking lots officially designated are accepted parking spots. To locate the dealer the car, You will require that the vehicle is in the vicinity of the designated address.
  • Connectivity telecommunication services and geolocation. The service uses several systems that have received, interpret and forward data. The lack of connectivity or poverty it generates an impact that those responsible behind technological innovation in distribution do not yet know how to circumvent. At those points where the 3G or higher is not guaranteed, It would be necessary to promote the installation of repeaters and modern telecommunication facilities, something that is beyond the scope of the companies concerned.
  • Greater difficulties in planning the distribution. Since the position of the car can be traveling, sharing presents new challenges. Specific, the time in which the destination address is known is reduced to an average of six hours.

The competition within this technologically certainly accelerate the discovery of solutions to the problems presented. Amazon's service is not the only. The brand itself Volvo has the system In-Car Delivery which allows drivers of these cars receive in your trunk ski equipment, clothes, electronics or food products, as does the grocery Mat; as long as they are in Stockholm. Cardrops is another specialist in this type of service company, although its focus considerable emphasis on articles Ecommerce, not sharing food.

As you go making progress, Iran is abandoned or welcoming new products. It is the case Amazon Fresh Pickup, which in some ways it can be seen as germ of this project. Launched in 2017 as a pilot project, food distribution directly to the trunk of Prime customers still in force in Seattle (OF. UU.), but It has not attracted much interest as this new more widespread campaign, that restaurants might assume, as we have seen, a substantial increase in turnover.

For a company with very hungry, like Amazon, a main dish as Amazon Key In-Car can sit well. We'll see if it profit.

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