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American Express conquers the millennials giving rewards at restaurants if they pay with your card


If something like US consumers. THE. are the rewards for using credit cards. Around this custom, American's own country than other states on the planet, there emerged a culture. One of its greatest exponents could be the subreddit r/churning, where there are daily discussions on best banking advantages.

For those who do not want to take things to extremes, These rewards programs are still useful. Y it is not uncommon in the United States choose one or the other depending on which card the most common uses that you are going to give.

For lovers of meals away from home, credit card default was the Sapphire Reserve de JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., usually referred to as the Chase Chase. However, the hegemony of this card seems to be in question.

Chase Card He had reached the hearts of millennials with good pocket thanks to a marketing campaign specifically aimed at this demographic. Hallmark of travelers and wannabe food critics, young people considered the intrigue and fascination aroused card when he pulled portfolio, as opposed to look more sterile and snobbish other credit cards with greater adoption among young wealthy.

Unfortunately for young people hungry for points, it was too good to last. Chase has sunk into losses to be overwhelmed by early amortization of the rewards given (which since being submitted have been reduced several times). The bank seems to have gained in presence among youth, but the magnificent compensation for using the cards resemble be coming to an end.

This fact has been used by Amex – American Express Company, financiaras one of the most renowned institutions in the US. THE. and known worldwide, to put all the meat on the grill with a new credit card especially designed to compete with Sapphire Reserve. Gold card renewed, Gold Card, It allows diners to accumulate points at a rate four times higher when they decide to dine in any American restaurant. It is not the only advantage.

To win the affection of the followers ShakeShack, Grubःub, Seamless, Cheesecake Factory, Y Ruth’s Chris Steak House, users Gold Card They will have a bottom of 120 annual dollars to spend on the services provided by those marks.

Is this an attempt to disassociate American Express for its strategy antimillennial anterior?

it's possible. Amex had earned a negative reputation among young people to put things especially difficult to under thirty with modest incomes. The tables seem to have changed radically now, because during one of the events of presentation of the Gold Card that occurred during the first week of October, everything was geared designed in such a way that would be interesting in this segment of the population: influencers, selfies, donuts dusted with gold and a lot of extravagance and mood random.

The opinions of guests no trace online, except for some smiling faces portrayed in Instagram. It is unknown whether Amex he managed to convince young people with the glamor and extravagance that took place in Manhattan.

In any case the advantages of the card leave no doubt: It will become the preferred item for those who want to pay by card at restaurants.

Although the points obtained by Enlist the service account for half of those who flatters Chase, that difference soon dissipates if you are a regular visitor to restaurants. further food stores are also included in the rewards program.

A detailed analysis reveals that the only vulnerable point are the rewards associated with travel; Chase rewards card more drivers using the Sapphire Reserve at gas stations. For all other cases, the new Gold Card is a refund 8.6% the amount, double that of its rival. The annual rate is also lower, so it is likely that many young people end up forgetting the earlier treatment received by Amex when they are aware of the existing advantages.

For restaurants this competition is great. Lately we have seen are increasing the establishments not accept cash. The reasons why this measure is now adopted are multiple, but mainly to respond to facilities when conducting business accounting, a reduction invested in serving diners when time pay for food and hygienic aspects (remember that money is one of the largest cross-contamination vectors, along with mobile phones).

With the battle between Amex and Chase otherwise it does nothing but spurring consumption in restaurants and promote the use of credit card versus cash.

It is a profitable situation that some restaurants are taking a step further by offering additional rewards when paying with card, something that reverses the usual trend so far, it was rewarding cash payments, especially in the case of catering businesses in need of immediate liquidity available.

From the point of view of consumers, changes in payment methods favorite restaurants produce less friction if there is a rewards program that dampens behind the inconvenience of having to register a new service. In any case, it is clear that the use of cards and discounts is positive for all involved: client loyalty customer banks, Restaurants streamline their services and cardholders receive substantial discounts that encourage them to go out eating out.

Unfortunately, These rewards programs are scarce bank outside US. UU., there are some in Mexico, per absent outside North America. He will play keep waiting to see if domestic banks are updated. In the meantime, the card will continue to be a good ally for abombar no coin wallet when eating out.

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