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Analysis of the new campaign on social networks VIPS, pros and cons


The Vips restaurant chain confirms its commitment social networks by his last campaign “You will come back”.

This new campaign is included within the overall process of rebranding and aims to present two new aspects in its cuisine, on the one hand the incorporation of 20 new dishes in his letter and other, something that long ago used other restaurants and they have called “always full”, which is that you fill your soda free of charge, times as you want. The promotion started 27 September and will last until 24 October.

Social Networks and Restaurants

Here I leave the spot promotion :

The procedure to get the free meals is as follows, We choose those new dishes on the menu, They are distinguished by carrying a “N” and they provide us a code that can be redeemed on your page Facebook Y Tuenti free another new dish. Dan code per dish you ordered, if you ask 3 dishes give you 3 codes, but beware when you can redeem only order a new dish per table and ticket free, so if you have 3 codes must redeem them at 3 different times.

platos nuevos de vips

You can see the basis for promoting the link below :

-> legal basis for the promotion “You will come back”<-

But let's look at the pros and cons of this campaign Social Media Restauranting who is performing VIPS :

Pros :

1.- Increases its number of followers, because in order to redeem codes you get in the restaurant you need to be a follower account VIPS in Tuenti oa Facebook, In addition to quality followers as they have been in the restaurant, They have tested their products and may be interested in promotions or future developments. In these times VIPS have above 25.000 Facebook fans and of 55.000 en Tuenti.

2.- Use of social networks as an element of product testing, the customer is the ultimate hero and make him tester or taster dishes using a commercially very attractive promotion in the times, as it is eat free.

3.- It allows you to measure and meet those statistics most preferred dishes for their customers, or they have aroused more interest, Knowing these preferences and the success of the new charter. In addition using the codes may know customers “return” which it is the main objective of the campaign.

4.- Generates important feedback, since many of the customers who have tried their dishes are going back to social networks to share their experience with your group of friends or followers, getting the customer becomes the transmitter of the message and giving it greater credibility. Here we can see some example :

5.- Reinforces the brand among its target customer, very linked to new technologies and social networks. In addition the campaign will be backed by a significant investment in digital media as Tuenti, Facebook, Elpais.com, Elmundo.es, Los40.com, Marca.com, Telecinco.es, Cuatro.com.

Cons :

1.- I do not understand, and I share the little importance that the restaurant chain gives her twitter account within its global strategy in social networks, They fail or 1.000 followers. This campaign is perfectly feasible to incorporate it into twitter, and I think they could find more answers and best ROI your prospects in this social network.

2.- In any social media campaign one of the main prerequisites for the success of it is to involve the entire organization and with more emphasis when it is divided into different outlets. By customer feedback seems that in some chain restaurants do not know because they do not deliver promotional codes or the customer who has to demand them, as you can be seen here :

3.- For already several weeks Facebook is announcing on his blog developer and is a regular commentary on the different social networks, A number of changes that would affect applications from day 1 October, it seems that they have not taken into account and it has taken them just recently started promoting, users complain that the application does not work and is normal, from that date many applications stopped working.

This is the text a few weeks ago on the Facebook blog :

desarrolladores de facebook

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