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Analysis 25 Best American chain restaurants in social networks 2014


Americans use restaurant in social networks is an indisputable reality, one of the most powerful industries in the world, with a turnover of 700 billions of dollars, where he 90% its restaurants and share contents and invest in digital environments within their strategy Social Media Restauranting, according to data provided by the Association of American Restaurants (NRA).

Today I share with you a study I had access and it provides very interesting elements on 25 restaurant chains most relevant in the digital world in the US.

Not only incorporates quantitative data, as the number of followers or fans, but it includes, qualitative variables relate with brands hold conversations with users in different social networks.

The study is conducted by analysis platform Sprinklr which it has monitored and classified data that make up social indicators across different metrics over a period of 30 days, specific, between 30 August and 30 September 2014.

The following ranking is the result of weighting the scores of different indicators to get a unique value and comparative:

The 25 best restaurants in social networks in the US

Here are the data obtained in the study that served as the basis for the previous ranking.

Total data best restaurants in social networks in the US

I would like to share some important conclusions about this study.

1.- McDonald's is the most important chain restaurants in social networks in the United States:

McDonald's is the number one ranking, you getting the highest score in all metrics analyzed, With almost 70 million followers across all social platforms in which it participates.

McDonalds data in social networks

A frantic activity that takes you share 7.748 or post updates in just one month, which means you more than 100 million impressions, Getting develop an emotional connection with your brand, sharing content that strengthen their presence in different social networks through conversations with customers, promotion, new product launches, raffles, games, etc.

Although a very revealing data, is that only one 1% of this huge community of followers, They can be considered as active users, that is to say, who regularly take part in conversations proposed by McDonald's, commenting, sharing or re-tweeting this content, a data, definitely, to reflect.

2.- Wingstop generates the highest percentage of commitment to his followers:

3.-Engagement Ratio de Wing-Stop

Although ranked number 18 ranking, and with only a community of followers not even reach 1 million, the cadena Wingstop It generates a huge commitment to its users in social networks.

300.000 people have interacted with the brand in just one month, creating a powerful community that shares and defends the values ​​of this chain of restaurants, based mainly on chicken wings.

When we compared to the rest, the data, It is more surprising, since large chains hardly exceed 3%, while Wingstop is above 30% commitment to his followers.

Wingstop, Data on social networks

Definitely, a company that knows its customers, which transfers contents of great interest and commitment to quality in the conversation rather than the amount of your social community.

Once again, It is demonstrated, a lot of followers does not guarantee quality in conversations with these.

3.- Domino's get to your community that your message across:

Earned Empressions Dominos

With 277 million impressions, twice the average of most chain restaurants, Get your community of followers valued in a very positive way the contents, and sharing these viralizando-organically, that is to say, at no cost to the brand.

Surely among this community there are influential supporters, they consider relevant content and, definitely, They help get this high number of impressions.

4.-Wendy's generates many interactions with its users:

5.-Engagement Wendys

If we understand the engagement as a variable based on the number of commitments (I like it, comments, favorite, retweets…) related to shared content by brand, the Wendy's restaurant chain, You get a very good thing in this regard, with 329.000 interactions across different social networks in which it participates.

What it shows, that the quality of content is directly related to the interaction with your brand gets social community.

wendys in social networks

5.- Starbucks, more viral chain restaurants

Starbuks en redes sociales

Starbucks, with 73 million impressions, double the average, which reconfirms the enormous impact that the brand achieved through the different content share his faithful followers in the different social networks and allows you to generate a huge visibility.


The analysis reaffirms some important conclusions, as the balance between quality and quantity of followers, Undoubtedly we seek to create a community that is related to the values ​​of the company and this is manifested with increasing participation and interactivity of it, but on the other hand, we must not forget that the relevant market the brand in many cases, the number of followers.

To end, One final thought, McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut are the ones that top the list of best restaurants in American social networks, If we extrapolate the market Europe, I am convinced that among 10 at least first, a 50% of them coincide with the US ranking, something that honestly is not going to benefit the diversity in the market, if not the end, the same groups worldwide monopolizing the offline or traditional communication, Now they do online, but not for me, the remainder will merit, to be able to understand the new digital model, to the global restaurant industry faces.

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