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Statistics Analysis of Google for restaurant: The data did not expect


Since Food Fighters I constantly insist on the importance of taking charge of your business in the world's largest search engine (known), that is to say, Google. It's not just attend and lend an ear to what is said about us, is to exercise supervision over the information displayed in our restaurant. further, If we take control of our profile Google My Business know that amazing surprises await us as of today I will talk: his stats.

The statistics section provides information firsthand about how users are finding our listing on the Web, how customers use those Search and Maps to get to us and what they do when they find. In the overview screen (top right) tab find and start a summary of performance, then we will be able to see in detail, divided in Views, searches Y Actions.

Both the above image as an example we use elsewhere in the article belong to one of our customers in Palma de Mallorca, Italian restaurant with more solera and tradition of the island, the Pizzeria Ca'n Pelut, has kindly allow illustrate by example this post… ¡Margherita, Juan and Roberto, Thank you very much family! 😘

Just entering Statistics, we will be able to see a series of sections. The first is As customers look for your business. This section shows how many customers we have found and how. Depending on the method we can see:

  • direct searches: Customers who directly sought the name or address of the Pizzeria Ca'n Pelut directly on Google Maps.
  • indirect searches: Customers have sought a category, product or service we offered and shown our tab (for example, when looking “Italian restaurant” Search in Google).
  • Brand searches: Customers have sought related to our restaurant brand, in this case "Ca'n Hairy".
  • total searches: the total number of direct searches, indirect and brand.

We must clarify that all these searches are calculated separately, so that, If a user performs a search and then indirect direct, They will be counted as two searches and will be added in each section.

Then, we find Search queries that show queries that have been used to search for our business on Google. This section is of great value because it allows us to keep track of common terms and related searches Our restaurant and whereby, We are appearing in searches knowing what words or phrases we found, Y, in this way, we will be able to create better publications and even ads (Ads) to attract potential customers.

With the next section we can access a graph: Where your potential customers see your business on Google. Here we are shown how many customers have encountered Google Search or Google Maps. We can see the number of views that you have received our tab My Business parametrizando these aspects:

  • Search visualizations: Customers Searched Pizzeria Ca'n Pelut in Google Search. This data is shown as “Search views” block in reports.
  • Maps visualizations: Customers Searched Pizzeria Ca'n Pelut in Google Maps. This data is shown as “Maps views” block in reports.
  • Total views: Sum of the views from Google Search and Google Maps.

If we go a step further and find out how many customers found the restaurant through a specific service on a specific day:

  1. We select the day we are interested.
    • Computer: Place the cursor on the day.
    • Mobile: We play on.
  2. To the right of the graph, we will click on the checkboxes to enable and disable the filters.

Another spectacular section is to Customer actions which it shows what customers do when they find our profile Google. The graph shows how many customers took action on the ad after consult:

  • Visit our website: Customers viewing our website.
  • Request Directions: Customers who asked directions to the restaurant (Maps support / guided tour)
  • To call: Customers who called us through the info tab (for that reason it is so important that the information is correct)

To see how many customers they performed an action on a particular day, We would follow the same steps as we mentioned in the previous section. stay tuned because in this graph the total number of times shows that users clicked on one of the actions, for example “ask for directions”; that is to say, If the same user requests directions to a business 50 times a day, They will be recorded 50 applications.

Areas where indications are requested to arrive. This section shows where customers are when they request directions to reach us. We see our location on the map attached with a pin and the most popular places where users have requested Google Maps directions to get us. You can also see the total number of applications broken down by city or neighborhood. This chart shows the number of unique users each source location shown, that is to say, Postal Code, City and country…

…because that's, not only obtain local data. If we expand the map we can obtain greater geographic information field, like this that takes us to another country, Germany.

With Phone calls We know when and how often customers call us through our sheet business Google. In total call graph, we can choose to see the trends of telephone calls from customers according to Weekday one to Time of the day It is this valuable info to determine when they call more and sizing our resources to customer, for example.

The section What is known about your company It is new and all 🙂 Attentive puntazo: It basically consists of an extraordinary exercise of extracting information from the reviews, interactions and categorizations that leave customers about our restaurant (For example, if welcoming, pretty, Romantic, central, If a dish highlights, if children have no place ...). This information is subjective, since opinions of customers based on their experience, but, Nevertheless, It is very useful to know how to describe our services and we are generating image, and above all, it is perceiving 🙂

And finally, we reached the section Photos where a graph we can see the number of photos to be associating our business listing and how often displayed compared with photos of businesses similar to ours (O, In the style Fighter: Envy is the engine of the world). Here we have:

  • Photo views: How many times have seen our photos.
  • Number of photos: How many photos we have (o han) uploaded to our listing (And, because our customers also feed).

If there is enough business in the area similar to ours, graphics display lines with comparisons of data on our photos with the photos of those businesses. For example, to Pizzeria Ca'n Pelut he is compared to other Italian restaurants in the same area.

What do you think? A los Food Fighters, something spectacular. The largest search engine in the universe (Let it know) We are giving us tremendously powerful data about our business, Like we intuited but certainly unaware ... Having seen, Do not you think it's time to get your hands on control presence of your business a Google? At your service 😉

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