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Angel Leon invents Piglet Mar and get the biggest applause of Madrid Fusion 2018


Madrid Fusion 2018 It is finished one more year, with absolute success of public and participation, with the level of professional, especially the chefs, as high as ever. Amid this sea of ​​several recipes and innovations, there is a special sailor who sails with ease.

Is about angel León, Chef del Mar, The Puerto de Santa María, Cadiz, which he was recently awarded its third Michelin star restaurant Aponiente, It has been uncovered in recent years one of the most innovative teachers around the dining scene patrio.

It has shown as cooking using ancient techniques, He has enlightened us giving mouth to try "the color of the sea", etc. But in Madrid Fusion he doubled its bet by what disruptivo its hallmark again.

In addition to teaching us how cook so you can eat crustacean shells. It has taken a dish like cochineal, classic piece of gastronomy ancestral homeland and is strongly related to land and inland area, and he has reinvented itself with a sea eel as main element.

The style of cooking and the final result, with cutting thereof with the edge of a dish he drew applause around the auditorium, and since social networks are fuming. Everyone is giving a good account of the latest innovation presented by Chef del Mar.

This is what some have called "Sartorial sea" from the skins own fish. He has presented this way a reconstructed dark and filled from a crispy skin, with crystalline appearance and out of the oven it has a creak as if it were Piglet. Something really spectacular that we wanted to note here.

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