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Apps that save you time waiting to pay


"I wear waiting too long account”. Who has not ever thought 'I never come back to this restaurant' for this reason? An 'excessive' wait-and this time the customer decides- You can ruin the most incredible dining experience.

But not only can happen when we talk about a meal for pleasure or celebration, It can also happen in business meals or when we take something before diving into another kind of experience either leisure or work. Customer service is a value that we cherish the most.

In order to avoid such situations and make life easier, and some applications are on the market, as Yours&Dash de Barclaycard Y QKR Mastercard, which can save time and perhaps unforeseen unpleasant.

Besides giving us the freedom to leave the table and leave the premises once we finish eating, These apps also are able to split the bill when we eat in groups and avoid walking imbroglio by adjusting the cash accounts and up to the total or debit cards one by one. Best for the customer and much better for the restaurant.

When they left behind all these uncomfortable routines? Experience and It is being tested with the app Dine&Barclaycard by Dash restaurante Price, in London, reports The Guardian.

Yours & Dash is based on the technology of 'invisible payments’ Barclaycard tested in 2017 with Grab + Go.

The operation is very simple. The first step is to download the application on your mobile phone, and then the device is synchronized with the totem pole located on the table Barclaycard. Once the customer has ordered and consumed food, The app calculates the total order value and, when it detects the output of the local, It issues an invoice and a digital receipt sent to the mobile device, which must be previously set for payment by credit card.

Similarly the, operation develops QKR Mastercard, already they are using some restaurant chains as Wagamama Y Ask Italian Zizzi, who agree in defining the app as a "great solution" to avoid the dreaded timeout account.

Qkr is a mobile payment platform and orders -developed by MasterCard Labs- which allows customers to request, pay and divide bills from your phone 'smart’ without the need to queue or wait.

In the United Kingdom, since last Monday 19 of March, experience not wait to account also may try the diners at Pizza Hut with the launch of Mastercard's Qkr with Masterpass.


According to a study by Barclayard in the UK, almost a 40% customers would like to avoid the waiting time account Y two-thirds of restaurant owners considered a breakthrough implement a payment method 'Invisible' for satisfaction of both parties.

further, more than half of the owners of these establishments admit to having seen customers leave without paying the bill. For this reason, the vast majority is in favor of using technology to streamline and improve this process.

Offers, promotions and tips

Are numerous and obvious advantages that can generate these apps for restaurant. For example, release tables with greater speed and agility to avoid waits of new customers to take up table; improve the experiences and engage diners Y, progressively, and increase revenue.

further, these apps also they offer their users offers and promotions, while granting the customer the option to tip to the restaurant. Wait for the waiter to bring us the bill to the table, copper us whether in cash or card- and give us the change or receipt may soon become a routine of the past.

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