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Art in the restaurant


The truth is that creativity has no limits, and this I show in my blog is a good example.

The artist in question is called Guibo and it specializes in illustrations, custom animations and comics but with a very special feature is that one of his sources of inspiration and support for your artwork are paper tablecloths restaurants and bars, also adding some elements of the table or even leftovers.

Restaurants and art

He has made some exhibitions in restaurants, shops and bars under the name “the table cloth”, with illustrations made while eating or expect them to bring the food in bars and restaurants, with an average completion time thereof from 20 a 25 minutos cada una de ellas.

I leave a video below which shows how it works and some of the illustrations that I really liked.

If you want more information about where podeís get these illustrations here are the following links :

web Gibeah


FaceBook “the table cloth”

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