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Assault boat tips to restaurants: Trump legislative reform generated much controversy in the US.


The tourist who thinks the Western world travel vaccine you against cultural misunderstandings, or deceives or has not yet traveled to USA. A recurring behavior among Americans is the overemphasis applying service personnel in order to please the customer: forced smiles, smarmy language and excessive attention they look with suspicion and even some concern. "Why do I smile and do not remove my eyes off?», you may have wondered more than one.

The answer is that there is no alternative, members of templates country hotel and restaurant are limited to advance towards an unfathomable destiny undaunted. The cradle of hypercapitalism and socioeconomic inequality not even guarantee minimum wages for this group. Practitioners are forced to stand artfully friendly to convince the eater that deserve to see their efforts rewarded with an extra, a tip.

To the dismay of workers, all This is perfectly legal and it is deeply ingrained in society. A) Yes, the legislation provides that the credit tips it sinks to Employer salary. If the sum reaches the minimum wage, everything is in order. Or maybe not?

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Tourists as usual victims of mandatory gratuities

For visitors unaccustomed to tipping, all this skulduggery is alienante. In Spain and in many other countries in Latin America It is rewarded with outstanding service tips. And it is understood as, who it is not forced but arises spontaneously by the special salt shaker Bartender, promptness in service or expertise difficult to characterize.

However the American reality is different. There the contribution is virtually mandatory. Not provide an additional payment amount required by local is considered nothing short of discourteous.

The tragicomic consequences do not expect when foreign visitors, desadvertidos, receive glares without understanding why or rack their brains to find out what the correct percentage of the bill should be paid as a tip. In an attempt to alleviate the situation, Many restaurants and bars have chosen to indicate a Recommended tip in their tiques, although there Applications that help elucidate the amount necessary so that you do not throw a jinx one.

It was not always so, and it seems that there always will be. This fashion apoquinar additional charge dates, in the case of United States, the twenties. Oddly enough, This is a relatively recent development, in XIX century were foreigners from overseas who, to reach Europe, They felt puzzled by British Vails and ubiquity of tips in other countries of the continent.

The changes coming in the US system tips.

Today, the ever wobbly US tipping system. if wildly bambolea, cradled by pushing the erratic actual presidente Donald Trump. And the tremor is causing a wave worthy of attention social networks and media.

Nothing new, because the peculiar system of American tipping has always been reason for seizure. Its proponents provide vehement arguments and their staunchest detractors fight proficiently. Occasionally the churning sea splashes on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. For example, in 2017 bullous proliferated throughout Spain they put in the mouth of the Ministry of Tourism imposition of a similar system and compulsory for purely tax collection effort.

This week, the last round of public consultations on the new law Republican Trump government intends to adopt, He has brought back winds at our expense.

He United States Department of Labor He presented last December 5 a proposal to regulate tips under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The consultation period was extended from Jan. 4 to Feb. 5, when online discussions finally jumped into the air.

To make the situation incandescent, The proposal comes full of irregularities. Swarm network accusations that the lobby of the hotel industry moves threads after the germ reform. Although this particular aspect is far from proven, Yes it is undeniable that the process It lacks the economic report usually attached, something that has led to the start of a investigation by the Inspector General of the Department.

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With all eyes on the new standard, economic report would serve only one purpose Confirmatory. The new law would provide management business control on tips received by service, allowing redistribute or stay with 5800 millions of dollars, estimated amount involved in such contributions and would be the main effect repealed the former president Obama limitations imposed on the hospitality industry in 2011.

Opposition senators denounced the obfuscation of information and lack of transparency with which it is attempting to produce the approval of the rules, which it has already coined as a new demonstration of the lengths to which the Trump Administration is willing to go just to favor interests of big companies to the detriment of families. further, Democrats do not skimp on comments on the catastrophic effects it could have on workers reform.

public opinion on the potential new law tipping in US.

For many, masked nice ideas behind as the background of shared tips and redistribution of profits with the kitchen staff, numerous loopholes hide also erode public confidence in politicians, would give a unfair advantage to employers restoration.

In the famous news aggregator and social meeting point Reddit, a discussion thread has broken records for participation. Under the name "My fellow Americans, What is your feeling about eliminating gratuities in exchange for wages in the service sector?», more of 11 000 people felt openly about one of the main fears, the disappearance of the personal rewards to integrate these directly into the final price.

Among the advantages that the bottom tip redistribution or tipping pool would have the following mentioned:

  • Reducing the discriminatory nature of gratuities. Subject clearly evidenced in the literature: minorities and workers are handsome little effort desventaja.Concierne also agreed by stop sexism, harassment and objectification of women. Y, to make matters worse, attenuate the feeling of monetization of social relations observed.
  • Moderating the mass exodus of professional cooking, who would receive wage increases of up to 20% according to data provided by restaurants where it has established a policy of zero tips.
  • Elimination of bad practices in home food delivery, such as surcharges for outstanding delivery services reporting no economically the dealer.
  • Combat embezzlement national bodies collectors. The current system promotes corruption, being a high correlation between tax evasion and tips. Some restaurants that shed tips have been forced to return to the previous paradigm because of double taxation by the US tax agency. This is the case of Sous Berre San Francisco. The centralized management tips would affect positively the state coffers, but it would be further necessary legislative changes that would ensure beneficially system operation tips.
  • Damping of labor uncertainty regarding wages. It should be remembered that currently the minimum guaranteed rate is a measly hour 2.13 Dollars (1.73 euros to change).


On the other hand, there is a shared premonition that the Overall earnings decrease. Several reasons support this sentiment. The most serious, definitely, is the loss of an incentive to motivate workers to provide better service. While this matter is argued, because while customers value the service scores ranging one 4%, these do not correspond to increases involving tips, starting from a minimum of 10%, and more often they are between 15% and a 20%.

Certain segment of the population that defends widespread abolition of tips reasons besides the terrible foundation failures on which this law stands. The most glaring is the philosophical maxim that imposes liability on the employer payment. A) Yes, tipping is understood as a delegation of this commitment to the worker. Those who advocate this principle seen in the law one insufficient action, worthless and should be rewritten to address the underlying problems existing in American society.

And meanwhile, citizens around the world, We note with puzzlement how these events unfold in the country most contradictory of the Western world. Some of us, probably, as he left the waiter a few coins that bar lifelong, more as a "olé", being almost a friend, that obligation.

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