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So they use the technology blockchain fast food restaurants


Although in recent months we have not witnessed extensive media coverage about the world of technology block chain (block chain) and criptodivisas, this does not mean they are not developing new solutions based on these advances.

In restoration, this technology, roughly, prevents data falsification by pointers that reference the next block of information in encrypted form, It is used to criptodivisas accept as a payment method and much more.

For example, also they used the intelligent contracts. These contracts are responsible for digitally verifying each step of a process. In the paper we have tried the case of beef in Chinese restaurants. Thanks to the technology block chain can be certified farm of origin, drugs that have been treated beef, place and time of slaughter of the animal, details of the transport and storage ...

It is not the only possible application, Of course.

In any case the fast food restaurants are using technology to block chain without external bodies in the audit process, the solutions block chain provide sufficient evidence to those directly involved. Thus they save costs and waiting times.

At the same time raise transparency, a feature that consumers millennials greatly appreciate. Another advantage is the increased availability of additional information, although this is not crucial and indispensable. The demand for information from consumers is increasing.

Another way to use are the rewards and loyalty systems powered by block chain. Customers can get chips (tokens) redeemable for rewards. The system is unbreakable, so that fast food restaurants are not exposed to the picaresque and fraud within the system of incentives. It is the case Little Big Burger and BGR, two restaurants that did not have this kind of rewards and now flaunt them thanks to technology and a block chain Mobivity.

An interesting case in the food sector is Oscar Mayer, trademark of Force Heinz Co., and launched in May this year its own criptodivisa, Bacoin. The main objective of this currency was promotional.

The world of technology block chain It is complex and its applications in the restoration are still emerging. However the potential is palpable. Michael Pruitt, Executive Director Chanticleer Holdings, and owner of several local in franchises Hooters, Just Fresh and American Burger sees potential in the ability to collect customer information reliably and sealed.

Pruitt's case is not unique, the consensus is that technology is here to stay and is still in its infancy, but what its potential is simply immeasurable.

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