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The award ceremony of the Michelin Stars 2018 with host Berasategui


The chef Martin Berasategui lived one of the most special nights not a month ago, when in the Gala Michelin Stars 2018, He acted as host and could also enjoy an event in which the best chefs in the country meets.

Berasategui is the chef with more than country stars, since it has three Lasarte (Guipúzcoa); plus twice M.B., in Abama Golf & Spa Resort, in Tenerife; and three in Lasarte, in Monument Hotel, in Barcelona.

In this post we wanted to leave a sample of what was a gala, which added two new talents to cast Spanish chefs three Michelin stars to his credit. 2018: Angel Leon and Jordi Cruz.

The award ceremony of the Michelin Stars 2018 with host Berasategui





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