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Autogrill innovacción commitment through an augmented reality application


The restaurant chain Autogrill It has begun to implement augmented reality in its restaurants, a strategy to get closer to its customers and improve the experience of thousands of customers each day pass through its service stations.

This is very important in digital brand strategy this great step that has hundreds of restaurants scattered along the roads of half of Europe. The possibilities offered today and in the future the implementation of Augmented Reality, and its new app, AutogrillOn, the company put in front of prospects in the medium term very positive process of digital transformation.

"Augmented reality is a technology whose purpose lies in offering layers additional information to which we naturally offer our senses ". Fatima Acien (Arpa Solutions)

This allows, through AutogrillOn, provide significant added value to the experience in Autogrill. Enrich reality with data, images, videos and audios opens a veritable universe of possibilities marketing strategy for the restaurants and their relationship with customers.

Although this technology is available for years, until the emergence of the phenomenon Pokemon Go He had failed to achieve market penetration you might expect. Now, this game so popular last year has opened the door to many other businesses and has taught new ways to monetize investments in this sense.

Autogrill: pioneered the use of augmented reality in its restaurants

There are not many cases of restaurants are currently using augmented reality in Spain, nor in the world, therefore the case of Autogrill has even more merit. AutogrillOn is active since Tuesday 18 July and involves the search for a improvement and innovation in the experiences of visitors to their stations of service. A form of surprise and offer something differential.

The operation of this project has three distinct modules, the first consists of markers that have been installed in the various categories of all its products as desserts, snacks, burgers, or salads.

When the customer point the phone to these markers, you will find product image, with a video of the person who created that recipe, or with any of the internal competitions of Autogrill. further, each element of the letter is accompanied by a short text in which the main features of each product are explained, your prescription or any other information that might be interesting.

The second module is the wall customer, in which these can upload photos they have taken in all its outlets and share on social networks.

"Customers will find a wall full of polaroids in black, that when you point your mobile, show content. It is dynamic, it is shifting as more photos. further It allows you to evaluate the experience in Autogrill, to have a feedback. We will also use the wall for contests and sweepstakes. In August for example, you have to take a picture with a sandwich to enter the prize draw. "He says Daniel Rodríguez, Director de Marketing Autogrill.

The third module is the virtual world created as a PokemonGO. By targeting specific locations Restaurant, will appear a “bichitos” those who have called Gous, which for achieving, They give you a discount coupon you can redeem.

These are the three modules summarizing the commitment to innovation that has made Autogrill. further, all activity resulting from both the information points, as the wall or game based on the PokemonGO is sharable via social networks like Whatsapp, Facebook o Twitter, allowing Autogrill moving experience with the rest of the community of each client.

What goal Autogrill aims to implement augmented reality in its restaurants?

In the words of Daniel Rodriguez: "Our goal is to build customer loyalty application utilities that go a step further. In other outlets like those in railway tracks, we do have more opportunity to travel and loyalty because the customer travels regularly. Finally we try involve suppliers as Coca-Cola, Heineken, etc. to help us to enhance these developments while we promote their products. "

Virality is key for future trade actions that Autogrill developed through this innovative App.

The augmented reality application Autogrill It is available in both IOS and Android, Y “and we look forward to early reports download and use to see how it worked this novelty. Although the first major order to obtain reliable impressions of how the launch week be gone, It will be the first exit after August, then we can get a good feedback from customers, "confirms Rodriguez himself, whose marketing department has seen a great opportunity in the application of this new technology.

Currently there have preset targets monetization. The objective, beyond get a monetary return with AutogrillOn, is become a brand leader in innovation and amaze visitors with new ways to promote. Through fun and entertainment, increasing the time spent at each point of sale, cast, in a business like this, and it is much.

Finally we share video presentation of AutogrillOn:

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