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Automates improvement in the management of a restaurant thanks to machine learning


Machine learning (machine learning), artificial intelligence, internet of things ... They are concepts that are often heard even in technological fairs still sound like science fiction in many trade.

Traditionally restorative work has required little or little technological intervention and this has caused the adoption of new technologies that could transform operations restorers have benefited belatedly.

However, things are changing. More and more restaurateurs who realize that those organized restaurant chains that better economic results obtained are also performed in more resources technology investments.

This paradigm shift have also realized developers of technological solutions. Now that there is a market demand evident in the catering sector, the number of improvements based on new technologies has also increased.

The latest of the latter is a based on artificial intelligence capable of studying existing inefficiencies in restaurant management system. Powered by machine learning or machine learning, he software collects data on how the facility is operated and checked against other databases (customers, income, expenses, weather, calendar, etc.).

Creation is the work of Fourth, a technology company specializing in providing solutions for the catering and hospitality.

The new service manages the inventory and the template using predictive tools never before seen, and collaborative utilities and demand forecasts that close the package software virtuously.

The launch of the new management tool takes place after the acquisition of Choice HR by Fourth. The new product has specifications that will make life easier restorers, namely:

  • A trading platform for holistic catering sector It is including integration with any POS terminal, financial platform and industrial applications, and the ability to issue reports and presentations.
  • Complete management system wage, employment benefits and management services. With this tool kit eliminates the need to have multiple programs.
  • Analytical and visualization platform. To facilitate understanding of status real-time business, Fourth has included all kinds of tools that transform data into easy to understand perspectives analísticas a mere glance.

This type of technology can detect inefficient products that are often imperceptible, but it can cause economic losses sustained over time in the case of small and medium chain restaurants, and when we talk about the giants of the restoration organized.

Fourth and it works for more than 1200 companies in the hospitality and catering minimize their losses. also they are operating in 60 countries, although their presence in the US. THE. is older, counting among its ranks with clients such as TGI Fridays, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Soho House, Mandarin Oriental, Shari’s, Brio and Bravo, Kimpton, Hyatt, Loews, Shangri-La, Eataly, Bar Louie and many other restaurants and hotels.

In addition to without the services of many other vendors, and simplify working with different technological solutions integrated, the package of software de Fourth reduces the number of waste generated at the restaurant more efficiently manage the provisioning of food. The benefits for the planet do not stop there, since the power consumption is also minimized, It is unnecessary to have multiple platforms for each of the individual tasks that make up the restaurant management.

The future management of restaurants, especially those with large operations, passing the macrodatos and interpretive tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

However, It is a step for giving, and it is to integrate the internet of things throughout the system, so that it is not necessary to transmit the orders proposed by the manager to the actuators core mechanism or suppliers. But until we see these applications will still have to spend a few years.

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