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About the Authors of articles.

Iván Quoted

Interior designer and entrepreneur, He understands the interior as part of corporate marketing, a tool to strategically position a brand. Author of the book "Five years of Hinteriorismo", a transparent and irreverent study based on its experience over the last 5 years in front of his studio.3 Articles

Alcaraz Maria Aguilar

Ceo de Maryenk, marketing and communications agency for startups and SMEs from different fields and business areas, specializing in tourism and catering. We believe that the Inbound Marketing and generating quality content is key to the successful positioning of any business in the online environment. We work from the firm intention to always provide an extra quality and creativity.3 Articles

Armand Ruiz

Product Manager at IBM Watson specializes in Artificial Intelligence and founder of CloudReputation, Spanish startup based in Silicon Valley that offers online reputation for restaurants2 Articles

Marcelo Romero Giusti

Advertiser Masters in Business Management and Marketing ESIC. In the world of restaurants from the 2001, mainly in the expansion area franchise. Currently he resides in Miami where he combines his work for a major advertising agency with his passion for the culinary world, music, film and ultimately the Brikran.2 Articles

Alfredo Cortés Cubero

Director of Marketing and Communication at the Mafia sits at the table. My activity in the creation and development of brands LMssLM group: Mafia sits at the table and Boutique Italian food2 Articles

Alejandra Velasco

Food lover, journalist by profession and vocation, and gastro-traveler. In my spare time I go around the world looking for restaurants, the latest culinary trends and story in To-Tongue, and now, here too.2 Articles

Raul Boats

Enamored of Marketing and businesses that create change. Writing is my way to create art and to convey all that I think is worth being counted.2 Articles

Mariana Clavel - Tiller Systems

Communications Manager de Tiller Systems, the only iPad POS system in which charges, manages and analyzes your restaurant. Food lover, the books, the series, movies and pop culture.2 Articles

guest writer

relevant firms that share with readers of the newspaper their experiences and knowledge on various topics related to restaurants.2 Articles

Cenovia Houses

graduated journalist Andrés Bello Catholic University in Caracas, Heart reporter and editor for media job. I love going after a good story and then share it with readers. Travel and eating well they are among my hobbies.2 Articles

Agapito Barroso

Managing Director NF projects and installations Industrial Kitchens. My biggest dream is to convey knowledge of design professional kitchens. Teachings that does not give you college, tasteful and free design for a lover of his work and assiduous follower of the developments in the world of hospitality.2 Articles


We are a company that makes Internet marketing tools and competes in software excellence and customer service since 11 years. You can know through SEO PowerSuite , the famous software all in one SEO, and Buzzbundle , management tool social networking desktop. Our products are used by more than 2 million people 173 countries and many brands.1 Articles

Antonio Khalaf

Bachelor of Business and PDD by IESE. More than twenty years she dedicated to promoting the development of enterprises. Deep convinced of the use of technology as a facilitator and as a way to simplify processes. Teacher and vocational trainer. Lover ski and mountain breaks.1 Articles

Pilar García

Founder of Pendulo, a tool created to improve margins and control costs at a restaurant in an effective and simple. Consultant restaurants and hospitality businesses. Lives between Spain and London allowing you to keep abreast of new culinary trends and operational worldwide.1 Articles

Juan Pablo Candela Puig

Microcomputer Systems Technician and Technician in Web Application Development. As Ovidio said, Happy are those who dare courageously to defend what they love, and that's my philosophy. Language, programming and computer systems as a way of life. Navigating with fixed course between systematic, the need and ambition. The challenges are always welcome.1 Articles

Jose Samsundar Sarriegui

Journalist 2.0 y CM de GS Good Service, app dedicated to reward work and service received in restaurants was awarded in the HIP 2017 Madrid with the Award for Best Digital Transformation. Seriéfilo and inveterate cinephile, is constantly searching for new digital horizons.1 Articles

Carol Huici

I have worked in the Inditex group during 10 visual merchandiser years both in Spain and England. I am currently freelance (founder Technique) in strategic marketing. Market studies, action plans, etc. and of course how to monetize the service point of sale, visual merchandising (which it is nothing else I resumiento, Marketing POS). Degree in Tourism by the Universdidad of Deusto in San Sebastián.1 Articles

Pablo Granell

Rusticae CEO of America, his passion for travel and hospitality made him leave the legal profession to devote himself to the world of tourism. Consultant, professor and entrepreneur, from Santiago continues touring countries in search of new adventures.1 Articles

Manuel Romero

I did my undergraduate degree in Economics and Business at Saint Louis University - U.S, and subsequently by the PGD IESE. I have had the opportunity to live in different countries (USA, Switzerland, France and Brazil) making my mind to be a citizen of the world. With experience in large distribution, working at Toy R Us and DIA International, I started my career in hospitality ago 17 years in Compass Group as General Manager of Corporate Services. In the year 2011 fundé MRM Foodservice Solutions, and since then we help companies better manage your business, contributing our experience and knowledge in search, implementation and maintenance of technological solutions for the HORECA channel.1 Articles

Victor Tejero Sancho

Director of Operations at LMssLM Group. Electronic Engineer. Puffed experience in team management, strategy and processes.1 Articles

Sacha Bernal Coates

Instructor Hospitality Executive Program Innovation Program (HIP) Designer in Kimiya Strategic Tactics1 Articles

Esther Botella

Lawyer digital and technology law, data protection and regulatory compliance. In addition I commissioned to write legal notices, regulate electronic commerce and legal advice for Startups. I help meet legal requirements of companies that use new technologies, by the way, They are no longer so new1 Articles