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Self-service and technology, the perfect couple to save many restaurants


Renewed or die, a saying as old as life itself pushes the reality of many restaurants now that the coronavirus pandemic begins to remit in the West.

Some analysts are of the opinion that up to a fifth of the businesses in the catering sector that existed before the health crisis will have closed, never to open again.. Among them are small businesses of a more traditional nature that have not been able to overcome fixed costs after two or three months of inactivity..

Nevertheless, other establishments are experiencing a kind of rebirth. The consumption habits that have just appeared due to social distancing have made it easier for restaurants with greater digital and technological implantation to perceive the harmful effects derived from the fact that the world has stopped.

A) Yes, EE restaurants. THE. they had a lane drive-thru to order from the car, they have seen the influx increase on this side of the premises. In early March a 70% of the business generated in these establishments came from drive-thru, but when the disease gained traction and confinement measures went into effect, on premises with order rail he 90% of sales was made in the drive-thru.

Keeping distance from other people had become the norm overnight. And with that new reality of our day to day, the self-service began an unstoppable ascent that we still don't know where it will stop.

Within the walls of the restaurant there are many forms that self-service can take. Some have been in operation for decades, as can be the case of free law firms. However, the health-conscious client is unlikely to want, nowadays, go to a dining room where you can not ensure that the food has not been handled by other diners previously.

The sushi bar with conveyor belt or turntable makes more sense, where each individual dish can be taken or ignored. With the pertinent precautions, especially glass screens or protective methacrylate, or even transparent containers that completely close the preparation, sushi bar may be a viable alternative.

Nevertheless, he quid of the question lies in self-service technology since this can be applied to any restaurant, regardless of the niche to which it belongs. And its correct use can positively impact the local economy and even allow the business to explore alternative ways to generate income..

In this sense, the autopedido kiosks They are helpful. evidently, not everyone lives up to the circumstances, but those who combine digital menus with chatbots voice conversationals serve to minimize contact between client and staff, while reducing waiting times and decreasing queue size. All this is in favor of a better user experience and greater control of possible upsurges by CoVID-19.

The most modern systems have all the characteristics that a client will demand in the new normal: contactless orders, speed, digital payment methods and interaction through app in the client's mobile terminal. On the other hand, These next-generation self-order kiosks are wonderful from the restaurant manager's point of view. Thanks to them you can redistribute staff powers to take care of tasks that add more value to the operation, increase the average amount of each command through personalized recommendations based on big data and previous consumption histories, Y speed up attention times on the premises so that new efforts of marketing to keep the occupation of the establishment to the maximum at all times.

Mobile apps are another way a restaurant can improve self-service. Regular customers passing near the premises can receive notifications push with recommendations or inviting them to repeat their last order. In this way it is achieved boost recurring business and at the same time, serve customers who transit nearby quickly and without making contact.

The mobile terminal that usually accompanies any person today is a very useful tool for both the businessman and the consumer. Self-order kiosks with integration of app own mobile may be outside the scope of smaller operations, but in that case they can be replaced by posters or menus with QR codes. Graphic codes are recognized by the app restaurant, which allows adding the item to the order easily and simply. A suitable solution even for the most modest restaurants.

He payment with digital wallets as Google Pay O Apple Pay, to cite two of the many that exist in the market, they are the finishing touch to a perfect self-service. We already know that it is preferable to leave the cash at home for now, and the cards are not much better. Conversely, a contactless payment system has no weaknesses; Is the best option.

It is foreseeable that with the implementation of robotic vending machines, Self-service teams equipped with artificial intelligence and other technical innovations are similar caliber, restaurants can undertake an expansion of their products. These tools will allow you to detect which items go well with the menu., and they will give the restaurateur the opportunity to open their range of products without fear.

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