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AutoX, autonomous cars based on artificial intelligence for home delivery restaurants


There are many companies that are struggling to obtain the necessary technology for the autonomous driving a reality. Among the major candidates to put this capacity equipped vehicles are on the roads automotive giants as General Motors Y Toyota, but also a plethora of small companies specializing in this market who see a possibility of business.

One of these companies is AutoX, a specialized company mobility solutions oriented freight. Have a adapted to the needs of this niche is already rolling down the streets in the pilot model it is being developed in Saint Joseph (California, OF. UU.).

AutoX operation has been extremely simplified for affordability is suitable for everyone; in the end, Since vehicles are targeted to home delivery, Customers expect the goods must be able to interact properly with the machines easy and simple, without doubts arise or impediments to halt the progress of the transaction or ruin the user experience.

Thus, UX design has been extremely careful. Customers who are to receive purchases at food establishments, restaurants or other businesses, only they have to download app Mobile AutoX in smartphone they use to make their purchases. The application is now available Google Play Y App Store.

From this interface we may request that an autonomous vehicle bring our order with just a few keystrokes. Everything is in the hands of those responsible for facilities and technology including in cars.

To achieve efficient operation, AutoX has broken barriers in the industry thanks to the involvement of experts in the field. By using artificial intelligence, AutoX can take real-time decisions allowing you to drive driveway sharing with other users and with all the security guarantees.

This artificial intelligence system is powered by data collected by the cameras and sensors equipped in the vehicle body. every moment, All this information is interpreted by the software created by the company, sending the relevant orders to the mechanism of action.

further, road safety has been one of the pillars that has emerged this mobility solution. The equipped systems are redundant, meaning that in the event of failure of one circuit, there is a whole support mechanism that will allow the autonomous vehicle to continue operating normally.

After many miles of testing, AutoX creators are satisfied with the results offered by cars with autonomous driving and feel ready to get them to market successfully.

For those restaurants with large volumes of orders for home delivery, the initial investment in such vehicles is more than justified. Over time, saving on wages, extra costs for using associated companies and inefficiencies derived from human driving surplus cover expenses such technology involves restoration.

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