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“We help restaurants in the management of delivery” Interview with David Vallés, Ordatic CEO


We interview David Vallés, CEO de Ordatic, an application that is transforming the complex management of the different delivery order platforms into a simple and integrated system in a single POS.

How did the idea of ​​creating Ordatic?

Ordatic as it is known today was founded in March 2019 by Jormar Arellano our CTO and by me, David Valles, that I am the CEO of Ordatic. Although to understand its history we have to go back 5 months before, to May 2018. To me, my entrepreneurial blood has always run through my veins, although until that moment it had always been done in a more traditional way, that is to say, with bank and own financing.

It was in the middle of 2018 when I met the world of startups and specifically Demium, which is an incubator in Valencia and I entered there in order to carry out training and with the aim of finding a technological partner, that is to say, a CTO for my idea. And it is in Demium where I meet Jormar, Y together we began to develop a study among the most exponential and scalable sectors that exist worldwide. It is at that moment when we come across the restaurant sector and more specifically with the food delivery.

The initial idea was to create a comparison platform for delivery, that is to say, than a user, could know the different platforms where a restaurant was located and the different prices between one and another. This is how we start and carry out a validation of the idea. We did it through interviews with potential end users and potential customers. And we found that for the end user it was a good idea, since it would save you money and time, but for the restaurants that were the ones who had to pay for the service, they were not willing to do it. The same, They claimed that they already had too many costs when performing delivery services as if to add another.

But from talking to so many restaurants, we discovered that many had a common problem in managing delivery: and is that when an order arrived, they needed a person to be attentive to incoming orders and to take care of transcribing them. And that is how we decided to pivot to this new idea and what Ordatic is today.

For those who still don't know you, What is Ordatic, how would you define yourself?

Ordatic is a SaaS, un Software as a Service, in which, restaurants have the possibility of having the integration of your delivery services in your own POS. We define ourselves as the technological partner of restaurants. A technological solution that helps restaurants in the day-to-day management of delivery.

What main functionalities does the Ordatic system have?

Among the benefits offered by Ordatic we highlight:

  • Automatic reception of orders at the POS and in the kitchen. Eliminating transcription errors and saving on order and waiter production time, which, you no longer have to neglect the tables.
  • Manage and modify all menus in a unified way. That is to say, from the Ordatic platform it is possible
    • Modify prices.
    • Change product images.
    • Block products when not in stock, for a short period or even indefinitely. With Ordatic, the need to make modifications one by one on each platform is eliminated. But when modifying a product, We can tell the Software on which delivery platforms we want said price to be modified, for example.
  • Update in seconds of the contracted deliveries. There are platforms that for price modification, for example, You have to send an email requesting it and it usually takes days and the same happens with the blocking of products. Likewise, this request should be made with each of the contracted platforms. With Ordatic, It can be done from the same platform and said update would be reflected in the sales portals in a matter of seconds. Avoiding problems with products that are not in stock.
  • Management of different brands and virtual brands from a single place. Today the concept of dark kitchen or virtual brand is very fashionable. The platform allows, what if the restaurant wants, change the price of a Coca Cola for example, can do it in the two restaurants at the same time in an automated way.
  • And finally we highlight a benefit of space. With Ordatic it is no longer necessary to have a Tablet for each delivery platform but with the same POS they can carry out all the management. A restaurant that also has 2 dark kitchens and that is registered in three delivery platforms for example ... would need a total of 9 tablets!

Within 2 years, what are the digital challenges facing the sector and what solutions will Ordatic offer??

More and more restaurants are adding technology to their establishment. From digitization to business processes, in stock control, personal or billing up to a 360º technological experience for clients, which includes internet connection or letters in augmented reality.

With the delivery part, the opposite does not happen, with a much more informed and demanding client, it is necessary to improve the service. It is necessary to reduce management times, since the speed of delivery is a determining factor when choosing one restaurant or another and it is also necessary to eliminate errors in the orders, statistically the 15% of delivery orders have transcription errors.

It is on these factors that we work and continue to work at Ordatic. Since with our software these errors are completely eliminated and an average of 2 minutes and a half per order, that if we multiply it between all the daily orders, it's many minutes to the restaurant. Which allows them to focus on serving customers who are in the restaurant and gives them the possibility of working with more delivery platforms with the same staff, making it more profitable by having more daily orders.

Tell us a success story of the implementation of Ordatic to promote digitization and delivery management.

The truth is that we consider all the restaurants we collaborate with as success stories. However, a case that we like to use as an example to emphasize how Ordatic can help, is the case of Pizzerias El Trebol in Madrid.

Which, possess 7 physical establishments, are preparing the opening of 3 more and within these they also have virtual kitchens. A virtual kitchen, It is one that sells through delivery but is not open to the public. They came to us with the problem that all our clients have, with the madness of managing orders in four delivery channels at the same time. In the case of the Trebol Pizzeria, they had four tablets, one for each delivery platform per restaurant, plus four more tablets for each virtual brand.

Each of the tablets with an independent management of the other, despite the fact that they were the same products, which translates into time and money. In less than two weeks they already had the service of Ordatic at his restaurant, meaning: far fewer tablets per store, a recovery of 2 minutes and a half per order, in addition to greater facilities for changes in your letter and elimination of transcription errors.

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