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Soundtracks with the sounds of bars and restaurants to set the delivery atmosphere


Why does happy music play when you walk into a supermarket? The reason is simple, the jovial rhythm encourages you to fill your basket to overflowing.

Psychology has studied the effect of music on consumer buying behavior since time immemorial. Although the reader may have some reluctance about its effectiveness, This field is not the domain of charlatans and snake oil salesmen, rather it is a niche of interest for researchers specialized in psychology. There is no doubt that music can modify our behavior.

Flour of another sack is to know which audio tracks can favor each behavior and to what extent they manage to do it. There are many studies that try to optimize the use of background music to generate a higher volume of business. Unfortunately, results stack very slowly so there appears to be little progress.

It is shown that restaurants can improve their sales by employing music with prosocial lyrics. We talk about songs where the recurring theme is helping others, good deeds and positive emotions. Nevertheless, consumer buying behavior diverges according to age. The youngest seem to be immune while the older ones get carried away by the melody.

This time the news is a little different. No studies, universities or business centers involved. And the restaurant is not the recipient of music, This is the place of origin of the audio tracks.

The Maverick cocktail bar, a trendy place in Monterrey (Mexico), has become famous not only for its wacky cocktails and appetizers, but for a totally unexpected auditory bet (although according to the times).

The YOLO love tonic, the Rosella de Juárez, the fire opal, he mocktail Indico or brave potatoes give way to somewhat more avant-garde creations. The Maverick has launched a disc with the typical sounds of the cocktail bar: the rumor of people talking, background music attenuated by distance and furniture, the clink of glasses and cutlery behind the bar, etc.

As if it were an ASMR experience, the Maverick website has a section called I Miss My Bar ("Añoro mi bar") from where different ambient sounds can be played. The composite soundtrack is made up of noises and sounds representative of a hospitality establishment.

Bartender Working picks up the noise of spirits pouring into glasses, the ice cubes falling into the glasses, the fruits being cut before flavoring the mixture or the shaker being shaken.

People Talking collect male and female voices, with a perceptible Mexican accent but unintelligible. And behind these conversations comes the noise of the kitchenware, especially the clash of the glass and the faint knocks on the tables. A more saturated version of this track, Full Room, recreate the listening experience of a crowded restaurant.

The crisis of the coronavirus has caused many people to be unable to meet their socialization needs. Social distancing thus becomes a psychological burden that the consumer must bear. In addition to the three mentioned tracks, Street Ambiance, Night Ambiance Y Rain on Window take us back to better times Where lockdowns and curfews weren't the bread and butter. These recreate the atmosphere of a street with traffic, nightlife and the patter of rain on a glass.

The creation of the Maverick closes with a final title, Serving Drinks, reminiscent of restaurant waiter service that we have not been able to enjoy normally for so long.

Additionally, a playlist of background music that changes every week and is maintained by Mauricio Mastropiero is available both on the web and on Spotify. 55 minutes of music where songs like Stay High de Brittany Howard, Easy To Come Home by Dojo Cuts and Roxie Ray, O Nights Never End the City Park.

The Maverick is still open although with restricted capacity. Access is only allowed with prior reservation. The anti-COVID-19 measures in force at the premises guarantee the safety of customers even in the midst of a pandemic, but there are still many habitual consumers of the cocktail bar who do not trust the situation and prefer to err on the side of caution.

For them, The Maverick has established two options related to the delivery. The first is the Grab program&Go. With this plan, regular customers can order your cocktails and mocktails favorites for takeaway or home delivery. The other option involves the use of the services of catering Company. Although they are specially designed for events of greater caliber, the biggest Maverick fans are using them too.

In both cases, the experience is never complete.. Consumers miss the Maverick's warm and welcoming lounge, as well as the atmosphere brimming with life that is distilled when the night ends and the crowd rejoices.

To mitigate that sick nostalgia, the audios that the cocktail bar has made available to customers work miracles. It's like going back to February 2020, just before the pandemic broke out and we were faced with the reality that we had to assume.

The pioneering idea of ​​the cocktail bar aims to reinforce its brand image. The sounds are typical of your local. Music is what is usually played there.

Other more generic applications already appeared on the market last spring, is the case of apps Noisli Y Soundsnap.

Now, the ambient noises of each restaurant can become part of its identity. Providing them digitally to consumers will reinforce the digital presence of the house. It is important that consumers do not forget that bars, cafeterias and physical restaurants will continue to be there to host them when SARS-CoV-2 remits.

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    Music always relaxes the client, as they say, It is important to know what music DOES activate the action of buying. I think that for each place or business there is a specific music. Without having clear studies I think we have to execute the old… Testing method – Error and analyze the results in the face of finances. Greetings friends, great as always a hug.

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