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Smart Trays for restaurants


The American restaurant chain KFC It has launched the first smart trays that allow customers connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Smart trays restaurants

They were delivered for a week, in new openings that the restaurant chain made in Germany, and it seems that with great success, as they were finished all.

They are disposable paper trays, resistant to liquids and grease, which allows customers to use as a keyboard and share anything you want through your mobile, even those you can take and recharge via USB.

It's a very interesting idea, since often in these types of restaurants, most products are eaten with the hands and with significant amounts of sauce, especially ketchup, conditioning you use the phone for fear of tarnishing the screen.

Another new example of how technology proposes new ideas to make the gastronomic stage in a digital restaurant, as ultimately it enables us to share those moments with our community of affection.

Here's the video so you can see the operation:

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