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Restaurants baths impossible to forget


Everybody, absolutely everyone, We have gone outside the home toilet just to snoop, “to see how it has”, we think. In restaurants we think of something like. Not that we are trivializing the act of making our needs, but we are highlighting the importance of doing so in a place nice, special. If in a restaurant bathroom we found a curious, in keeping with the aesthetics place, our experience will be more enjoyable and will surely return to the table talking about it.

The interior design and decoration of restaurants is an art well done influences business success. Creating an environment tailored to your audience and its cuisine is vital to attract and retain customers. It is essential to feed the interest of consumers by the establishment.

The first thing we visualize a restaurant and, partly, forcing us to enter is the decor. One aspect care, singular, cozy and warm, combined with a successful gastronomic offer will be a increase in turnover, which will make the business more profitable. Achieve a suggestive atmosphere, that is attractive and invite us to sit at the table is possible if, In addition to the aesthetic factors, They are known planning the different areas of the restaurant.

Spectacular interior design projects for the hotel focus all their attention on the dining room neglecting the area of ​​bathrooms and toilets. This is because, for a long time, the design of the toilets in public spaces focused only on the compliance with hygiene standards and mandatory infrastructure. Fortunately, nowadays They have ceased to be impersonal corners. While customers spend little time in the bathroom, this period may influence the overall perception of the local.

The best restaurants in America baths

In United States, even, it has created a contest, The Best Bathroom of America. The ten finalists will compete for the coveted title and 25.000 dollars to spend on cleaning products. Here are some of the finalists.

1. Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati, Ohio: This bath is focused on a living room with lounge features comfortable, cabinets and, even, a kitchenette with a sink, ice cooling, as well as flat screen TVs. Image taken from bathroom:

2. OB Warehouse, Ocean Beach, California: bathrooms for this restaurant, designer Philippe Beltran has incorporated a retro style, vintage hand mirrors, oil cans, plumber tools like pipes, old keys and seals and other metal letters recycled vintage industrial look to suit the materials and Restaurant. Image taken from bathroom:

3. Food Wine Bar, Miami, Florida: Bathrooms feature Ceiling mounted faucets and activated by motion sensors, and pieces of renowned artist Randy Cooper. Image taken from bathroom:

4. The Salty Pig, Boston, Massachusetts: the owners of this restaurant, Jim is Mike Cochener, have covered the bathroom walls with comics of The Far Side. Image taken from bathroom:

5. The Fitton Center for Creative Arts, Hamilton, Ohio: The bathrooms were designed by artist Jan Brown Checco Cincinnati, including the central sculpture “Mother Nature” formed by a rainbow, flores, shells, fossils and colored glass. Some of the painted tiles were created by students in classes Ceramic Center. Image taken from bathroom:

6. Charleston Distilling, Charleston, South Carolina: Restaurant bathrooms have been designed with giant wooden barrels to suit the atmosphere and decor of the distillery and tasting room. Image taken from bathroom:

7. restaurant Bone, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico: the aesthetics of this restaurant, with their 10.000 bones leads to a more dramatic decor in bathroom design. Concrete walls show the marks of old detached tiles, It is partially tiles by an aseptic bright white tile, crowned by an animal skull with horns. Image taken from bathroom:

8. Restaurant Victoria Brown, Buenos Aires, Argentina: the old factory setting of the late nineteenth century through artifacts, gears and some steampunk style raids required a bath industrial style and elegant air. Image taken from bathroom:

If these examples have not awakened your imagination, Here are a few more ideas to make your restaurant's bathroom is as shocking, creative but also nice and comfortable.

For ski lovers, You can thus modify the walls:

Do you miss living in an alternate reality? This bath will not send you a dystopian future but you can enjoy a pleasant experience with steampunk style.

This bath offers aesthetics legendary submarine yellow for you evacues the rhythm of the Beatles.

Y here other ideas. Take to imagine.

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