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Basque Culinary Center and join HIP paraimpulsar innovation in hospitality


Academic institution and the leading event of the HORECA sector have teamed up to promote innovation and industry transformation. Hospitality 4.0 Congress will host the workshop Culinary Action! within the conference program.

HIP-Hospitality Innovation Planety y el Basque Culinary Center partner to foster innovation in the hospitality industry and restoration in our country.

HIP2018, which is held the next 19, 20 Y 21 February at Feria de Madrid, preparing its second edition expanding its exhibition space and strategic partnerships with the most innovative agents for the hospitality industry. And it is that the organizers have made the technology transfer and new business models based on its commitment to bring together thousands of professionals seeking to improve their skills management areas.

Therefore the "jointventure" with Basque Culinary Center is another step in promoting and transformation since HIP is to provide the sector. With an exhibition area the most striking innovations for restaurants and hotels, this year will be 8 Hospitality intended audiences 4.0 Congress with a cast of days, activities and lecturers,the gastronomic part, will lead the Basque Culinary Center.Basque Culinary Center and join HIP paraimpulsar innovation in hospitality

One of the main activities for the catering industry will be "¡Culinary Action!”, nail conferences to promote the creation, development and promotion of entrepreneurship in the food and restaurant sector.

For Manuel Bueno, director of HIP, "The work of Basque Culinary Center supports him as a pioneer and influential academic institution worldwide that focuses on innovation as the basis for the future of gastronomy in our country".

Joxe Mari Aizega, Director General de Basque Culinary Center, meanwhile he stressed, "For Basque Culinary Center it is a real privilege to work with HIP to drive innovation linked to gastronomy, undoubtedly one of the pillars of our Center "

HIP is the pinnacle of innovation for the Horeca channel for Spain and Portugal. A totally disruptive platform that brings together more than 12.000 professionals in the hospitality industry and catering in search of trends, technologies and competition for their business, from equipment, to solutions of all kinds, passing through all management strategies that help them improve the competitiveness of their businesses at a time of growth and investment in this sector.

HIP turns Madrid into the capital of innovation Horeca one week a year, the event being better able to attract entrepreneurs and managers from across the peninsula and islands, in an exhibition area with more than 350 companies showcasing the latest solutions with Hospitality 4.0 Congress, the largest European congress of innovation and transformation of Horeca Sector.Basque Culinary Center and join HIP paraimpulsar innovation in hospitality


Basque Culinary Center, based in San Sebastián, born in 2009 as an ambitious training project, research and innovation, for the development of the hospitality industry, with a clear international vocation and with the idea of ​​linking the kitchen with management, science and other disciplines. Basque Culinary Center is a unique and innovative project that brings together 3 main activities: the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences, attached to the NHS, which focuses on a highly qualified training offer aimed at training professionals in the culinary sector in the XXI century; BCC Innovation, the Center for Research and Innovation in Food and Gastronomy and platform events and promotion of gastronomy.

NEBEXT is the organizer of trade fairs and professional conferences for senior executives and managers. In 2017, DES has organized | Digital Business World Congress, the world's largest digital transformation event, Advanced Factories, platform with the latest developments in industrial automation and HIP | Hospitality Innovation Planet, the most important event of innovation for the Horeca channel España.Desde 2016 They have inspired more than 40.000 professionals around the world.

IFEMA It is the first exhibition organizer in Spain and one of the most important in Europe, with more than three and a half decades of experience and a portfolio of 80 specialized annual fairs in major economic and productive sectors. Their enclosures Feria de Madrid, epicenter of all the geography of the Iberian Peninsula, with unique international connections, count on 200 thousand square meters of covered exhibition and receive every year more than 2,7 million visitors from around the world.

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