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Benefits for restaurants and customers of contactless payment systems and digital wallets


While the coronavirus crisis it seems that it is beginning to be solved, the hoteliers continue to inquire how increase the profitability of the premises who run. The digital transformation restaurants opens many opportunities. One of those that are currently all the rage are the System of payment contactless.

These payment systems have come to replace traditional cash or card payments. Digital wallets like Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal and the like allow to carry out transactions completely telematics. further, both the consumer and the hotelier enjoy full guarantees.

Nevertheless, These nuances are simplistic when you look closely at all the benefits of digital contactless payment systems.. For example, By integrating these systems into our restaurant we are optimizing its operation on several fronts. Customers also experience service improvements. It seems that everything is advantages.

Benefits of digital wallets for restaurants

An important pro is that attention times are reduced. This increase table turnover rate allowing more guests to visit our room during the same shift, regardless of the capacity of the premises. Some restaurants experience an increase of one 50% boxed associated with this phenomenon.

But there's more. The staff that manages the POS, bring the dataphone closer to the tables, takes the cash and takes the returns of the clients can dedicate itself to other tasks. Thus working hours are released that are destined to activities with a greater added value in the premises.

Completely digitizing the transactions of the premises also allows to raise a macro data base with customer information. Customer preferences can be crossed with other fields to bring out consumer trends and habits to capitalize on. The options upselling Y cross-selling can be streamlined thanks to these databases.

Some restaurants are adding their own digital wallets to the apps restaurant. In this way they reinforce their brand image, retain consumers and invite them to use the loyalty tools based on previously implemented redeemable rewards. The objective is increase the percentage of recurring business received by the establishment.

Especially now that the pandemic has caused an incessant state of unrest among the population, offer a more secure service where social distancing is guaranteed thanks to digital wallets it is well received. After the crisis of the COVID-19 health security in the restaurant has true calling capacity. Traffic in the premises will increase if customers feel comfortable in it.

Benefits of digital wallets for customers

End users themselves demand the proliferation of these services. Convenience is a major factor in the reasoning of the clients, but there are other reasons that spur its adoption.

Tech Lovers Already Using Payments contactless through their mobile terminal they experience shorter service times when visiting a restaurant. In addition to improving the user experience, this also minimizes the risk of contagion.

The security of digital payments is superior to traditional systems. In this way mistakes are avoided when paying or checking returns. Telematic payment management applications also have history tools that help budget for expenses.

Another strong point of the digital purses is that they allow share the account in a simple way. No more discussions about who pays, how do you pay or what each person has to pay. The most advanced telematic payment systems have very complete options to manage the accounts associated with group drinks..

When integrating these systems in the restaurant, the hotelier can be quite sure that everything will go smoothly. However, It is advisable to ask how the chosen payment wallets have worked in other locations, how long does it take to migrate to the new system, what is the flexibility of the plan and how can it be returned to the starting point in case the system does not adapt to the operation mode of the establishment.

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