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Welcome to my new digital newspaper DiegoCoquillat.com


I remember some years ago, When I started writing in my blog, a small space created to share my knowledge, experiences and reflections on the digital impact on restaurants, one of my main concerns, in addition to the perseverance and the requirement that entails maintaining a blog, was getting to know whether these topics on restaurants and new technologies that passionate me me, You might also be interested in someone.

Today, in all honesty, I say they never imagined they were to have the impact they have finally had and that allowed me to make it the great professional adventure of my life.

Each of the nearly 300 I have published articles, They have been learning and a key element for my personal and professional growth, many hours of research and work behind each paragraph, but it certainly was worth the enormous satisfaction of being able to share this passion with all those who wanted to read and listen.

the time for change has come, a new challenge was as motivating as this, that part of the need for evolution of my blog with the desire to become the first Spanish language digital newspaper on new technologies and innovation applied to the restaurant industry and hospitality.

A project born from the absolute conviction that technology and innovation are the key levers of the great revolution in the sector, but never forgetting, the necessary balance with traditional elements that allow a restaurant to preserve its essence and raison d'être.

DiegoCoquillat.com is no longer a personal blog, this challenge requires a team that shares this passion and as anthropologist Margaret Mead said “a small group of committed people can change the world”. A computer with a DNA-based service vocation, help, to share, of learning, to innovate, to think differently and to add value to the sector, creating more dynamic content, with different views, Echoing the major studios and national and international news, sharing stories, expert opinions and leading firms, conducting interviews, surveys and all information that really is relevant for the restaurant industry.

A multiplatform digital space, that allows users to access content with the same quality regardless of device they use. The rise of smartphones and tablets being exponential, and digital paper gives an adequate response to these new users, Without forget, that sooner or later other devices that require more adaptations we appear.

Readers can follow the content from their favorite social networks, as these will be distributed to facilitate access to them. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or Pinterest are some of the social channels where you can observe the whole evolution of the contents published. Not forgetting the newsletters to all those readers who subscribe and choose to receive personalized information in your emails will be sent.

DiegoCoquillat.com is an information, a quick way, convenient and affordable to acquire knowledge of how innovation and digital transformation process is influencing restaurants, with a clear commitment to development, increase, and strengthening the sector.

But also, It is a training, specific quality and content that enable key industry players obtain the necessary knowledge to meet the challenges and new digital trends to the hospitality industry face.

It is a place of opportunity, creating the technology ecosystem that allows supply and demand generating new opportunities in one of the sectors that generate employment and dynamism of the world economy.

And it must also be a space for participation, where users have a voice through their interaction with the platform or in different social networks in which we are present, becoming a key element for the future development of the project.

Today is born the new DiegoCoquillat.com, a digital newspaper for all those people who have concerns and want to continue sharing knowledge and learning, whether they are near or far from the restaurant industry.

As I said 1 September 2011 When I started my blog adventure, I invite my digital newspaper, I invite you to my house, because this digital newspaper is part of my house.

About the Author

CEO of DiegoCoquillat.com and director of the EscuelaDiegoCoquillat.com, teacher, consultant, lecturer and entrepreneur incorrigible. If you can not find it here, search near the sea. Passion for new technologies and restaurants ... passion for life.


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  1. Clara Ruth Pedraza on

    God bless you, I congratulate him on his work, I would like to receive comments and recipes from your digital newspaper.

    Thank you

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