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Welcome to the era of Exponential Growth and Talent 4.0 in the restaurants


The 4ª industrial revolution and artificial intelligence will be critical for the current and future development of the restaurant industry.

In 1998 Kodak had 170.000 employees and sold the 85% of all photos on paper the world. Nevertheless, in a few years, its business model disappeared leading him to bankruptcy.

What happened to Kodak It will happen to many industries in the next 10 years. Who could think of 1998, three years later and never return to take pictures on paper?

Nevertheless, digital cameras were invented in 1975. Like all technologies Exponential, They were one failure for a long time before they became a very superior device and the main trend of buying in a few years. Currently there is no food friends conceived without the phone at the table, or performing a photo of a plate with a colorful presentation, perfect to be hung on Instagram.

Artificial Intelligence in the restaurant industry

Artificial Intelligence revolutionize sectors like health, autonomous electric cars, The education, 3D printing, agriculture and job positions, but How Artificial Intelligence affect the food industry? First there was fire, then the wheel, then energy. Now we can say it clear: "Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution".

The software will change most traditional industries in the next 5-10 years, and in our sector it is already doing: touchscreens in kitchen, PDA's to take food orders, digital books reservations, etc. I still remember as a little more than 10 years still working with cash registers without screen and the closing cash saving all tickets…They were different times.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Uber It is only one software tool It does not have any vehicle, and is now the taxi company the world's largest. Airbnb It is now the company's largest hotels in the world despite not owning any property room.

Computers and technology grow exponentially and help us better understand the world.

Facebook now has software that can recognize faces better than humans. At 2030, computers will be smarter than people.

At 2018 They appear to the public the first autonomous cars. Around the 2020, the entire industry will begin to have problems because they do not want to go back to having a conventional car.

All this is no longer the future as predicted a few years ago the movie "Back to the Future", where we saw hoverboards, plasma screens, video conference calls etc.. Sincerely, we saw very far. But now spends all much faster. WhatsApp, for example, only leads us 7 years, or iPad was presented 2 March 2011 and it seems that both carry with us a lifetime .

Current technological development goes faster than we can digest and for experts there is no doubt that The great technological development is the TALENT 4.0. as says Patricia Ramirez, writer, psychologist and lecturer I had the pleasure of meeting personally in a speech he gave to all Franchisees The Mafia sits at the table three years ago, "He talent It is what you love. Passion and attitude is the multiplier.

So our main objective will be develop talent or draw by the values ​​that we inculcate in our company. Talent management It is one of the most important roles we have as entrepreneurs, we must "Leading the Future of Talent".

communication 360 – Distributed Leadership and Outstanding – Positive psychology – Passion-Teamwork – Continuous training – Intraemprendimiento (Listen to your staff, internal communication) – Mindfulness o Resilicencia (he stumbles ... but get up and do it fast).

as he says Victor Kupers, whom I knew personally last November, "The challenge is to manage the mood of people and convey positivity and attitude". When you're happy you get the best in you, so we are in the era 4.0 and I think there is no doubt, as I stated above, what “El great technological development is the TALENT 4.0″.

To end, emphasize that successful companies always lies in people. It's something from the past but the present and the future holds. Remember that the best motivation is the success of teams and good management of these generates a 20% more productivity. Target for the 2018, the talent 4.0.

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Founder and CEO of The mafia sits at the table, Italian franchise restaurants near 40 establishments in Spain.


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