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Welcome to a new era in restaurants


Being part of an industry that participates strongly of GDP, It employs a large number of professionals of varied trades, It generates an extraordinary range of parallel activities, also is the focus of attention from the mass media, which it has become one of the main attractions of tourism and It is essential protagonist of our economy; It involves accepting that this activity will generate many exciting trends in all aspects, some that curdle and others sleep forever or more appropriate times in the catchall.

In this exciting moment we are living, the main trends in the sector, focus on three aspects mainly: In evolution gastronomical, that is to say, one based on the product itself or its handling. At business model, as the reinvention of the room and the new deal with the customer, and applying a marketing specific that meets the expectations of the employer.

Undoubtedly, the technology and the appearance of gastro-marketing, this new restorer specializing in helping discipline in their trade mission, are catalysts for new ways in the sector.

gastronomic evolution in hospitality

The gastronomy, after being trapped for decades in the jaw “only cutting edge” and entranced by the molecular brightness experimentations on the table inox, returns to the flavors that remind us of childhood, It aligns with a current of thought and social action more consistent with the half-environmental sustainability and animal production, strengthens its alliance with legitimate health and wellness and experiment with the possibilities of local produce.

All with recovery, a step too slow for many, from a room that was forgotten by indolence, out of laziness or because the figure of the chef wanted all part of the cake and the maitre hid in the room Gueridón old junk.

This new way of understanding the room passes through the interaction with the customer, kitchens views or the increasingly frequent presence cooks (cooks-waiters / waiters-cooks) with the client.

crockery, cuberterías and less noticeable form, glassworks, They have gone from being a white support, white / valance to set up a spectacular catalog creative materials, shapes or textures that support identity, enhancing the emplatado, which it is the signature of the chef.

Also in this space we have seen as the architects and interior designers have generated a number of trends that marked a before and after “author rooms”, the look&feel industrial, skandi, neocolonial or technical main inspirations.

Staff uniforms have not left behind in this restyling and rampant creativity burned in a pyre white shirts and traditional black pants to provide customization and branding to the locker room staff.

The re-invention of a sector, hyperconnected new generations and other customers: los Foodies

Marketers have seen a very valuable opportunity in the sector, and they have developed a wide range of online and offline tools to promote and sell products establishments, professionalizing marketing, which until recently it was a nonexistent activity.

And “food is the new religion”, establishments that serve food are the new temples and restaurateurs, officiants of the ritual in which millions of foodies worldwide and armed with their mobile devices, They bow their heads over the plate to find the best angle of a photo post on your favorite social network.

Are new parishioners, the so-called millennial generation (1982-2004), defending its own language and a new way of consumption. A new consumer who creates their own habits and tendencies.

A digital native generation is that through the powerful and influential social networks have also raised a new way of relating to the client, expanding their experience before and after consumption gastronomic.

The speed with which they develop new business models, It is a challenge for professionals who are dedicated to advising, dissemination and training and force us to be in constant observation and analysis to bring the maximum of good information sector.

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Trend research, innovation and strategy, consultant and lecturer. Director of Hospitality 4.0 HIP Congress Madrid. Founder and Director of HorecaSpeakers. Professor of Basque Culinary Center, OSTELEA / EAE and other business schools. Handbook author Neo Innkeepers Valientes.


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