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Bing also enters the food business at home online


Hungry and lazy, Internet looking for restaurants in your city, among the variety you lose search results. You Bing solves this problem allowing you to order food from your search engine. For now only seems to work with American restaurants, but stay tuned.

He Microsoft search engine He has decided to redesign with the intention of having a transversal presence in services, not simply be a search engine but a support tool that provides you with what you want. In this case, what the user wants is to satisfy your hunger, at home and with your favorite restaurant menu.

We know that as users are quite comfortable, so the fewer complications for the food reaches us, best. This idea has based the turn of Bing, when the user does not interrupt the activity you are performing or take many steps to get to the data you need.

"The seeker wants to help complete tasks, since the 90% users who do not search conducted by the desire to know, but because they need this information for a particular purpose ', explains the head of Windows Applications and Services in Spain, Carlos de la Puente.

The new feature of Bing is now the user can order food from restaurants simply by clicking the "order online" button, without even moving from search results that have appeared us. For example, you sit at the computer, choose Bing as a search engine and type in the name of that restaurant you are wanting to taste the food at home. when looking, you off the list of search results. So far everything remains the same, the difference is that on the right appear, shaped boxes quick responses, those most relevant information about the restaurant and the "magic button", The order food online.

When you click on the "order online", Bing and leads you out of search results to the platform using the restaurant for online orders. It seems that the search is working with several service providers and online orders are Eat24, EatStreet, BringMeThat and others.

After all this explanation and by that a picture is worth a thousand words, better show a screenshot of search results the button "order online" in the box on the right:

This is one of the improvements appear Bing but others related to this quick and immediate order. These innovations have to do with delivering useful data on commercial premises, shops and restaurants in these boxes already mentioned quick answers. instant information, that's what Bing offers, get the data we're looking for without having to even get to the official pages of restaurants. For example, Local phone, the schedules, route and distance to these (without opening the maps section, Of course).

Unfortunately, and as often happens in these cases, Most of these features are available only in the United States. But we focus not only on this detail, the important thing is that exist and, as often happens, They come to our country.

The food business home internet and applications to manage these orders hospitality moves more than 120 million euros in Spain. It seems that in our country we fail to take time to cook. Currently the 22% people asking what makes food delivery over the Internet or various apps available in the market. If we ignore data, Spain has already blossomed a target audience that can take this innovation Bing.

If you want your business encompassing those with food delivery, you will facilitate this action. You have to think as you would the customer is at home, alone or with friends, and he does not want to move or want to do but just right click on your menu. Thus, it is advisable to facilitate ordering through these online ordering platforms, that simplify the action.

Restaurants should be aware that their prospects, when they want to reach them, They will meet with the opinions of other users. It is what is known as WOM (word of mouth word of mouth) and in the digital realm it is very important.

For an Internet user looking to order food delivery has more relevance the opinion of another user that restaurant advertising to do the same. People are more inclined to believe in the word of mouth that the possible commercial communication. We must protect customer and be aware of what is said in the networks business, by that which corporate online reputation can be an asset as attractive as the best dish on the menu.

That maxim "if you're not online, you do not exist "needs no justification today, but it is not, simply, be but namely being in the Red. Being on Internet, be easily found on the Net, It has its advantages but also many dangers and must know how to control them and react to them. A small mistake can end the restaurant by the reach of the Internet and the rapid spread of everything that is there.

Displays a button, specifically a restaurant a fast food chain with the option of ordering home, Domino’s Pizza.

Bryce Long, a twenty consumer Minnesota (USA) He could not enjoy your order Domino's. What was the problem? Their pizza was totally attached to the box by excess cheese, In addition to presenting other processing problems. Thanks to the Long reaction he got benefits but also the franchise, since it was aware of the error and was able to react.

Unsatisfied customer made a photo to pizza and rose image web Domino's (www.showusyourpizza.com) a tool provided by the company itself. Y, What did Domino's? The first was to react in time. He used social networks to apologize to the consumer.

President franchise, Patrick Doyle, was the protagonist of an ad that came with the image of pizza stuck to the box. In the spot he communicated that this was an example of what the company should do with such expressions as "do things better" or "should not receive something like Domino's". But it did not stop there, Long she received a reply of the president of Domino's and Chef Company, Sam Mitten, He traveled to the customer's home with two pizzas, a letter from the president and a card worth 500 Dollars.

On a certain moment, The chef looking at camera and said: "It is going to be our customer for life". Cook's visit was videotaped and uploaded to the YouTube channel of the company and also on their Facebook page. A successful strategy that became viral. The reaction rate of the company and the speed Internet broadcast provided that failure would not become a major disaster.

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