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Bitcoin, the new electronic currency that allows you to pay in restaurants


Bitcoin It is a new form of payment through an electronic currency that is beginning to spread mainly in the United States and China, and already in some restaurants in major cities they are accepting the.

In the following video you can see the success they are having in a restaurant in New York:

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Food delivery companies in United States, as Foodler, more than 12.000 restaurants available, are already accepting as payment the Bitcoins, since many of their customers use it to avoid paying commissions credit cards.

But, What it is actually Bitcoin?

It is the most widely used digital currency in the world, It was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto and the main difference is that it is electronic and does not depend on any country or central bank.

The main features are:

-It can be used worldwide alike.

-It is not controlled by any State, Bank, financial institution or company.

-It is impossible to counterfeit or duplication thanks to a sophisticated cryptosystem.

-No intermediaries: Transactions are made directly from person to person.

-Transactions are irreversible.

-You can change Bitcoins to euros or other currencies and vice versa, as any currency.

-It is not necessary to reveal your identity when doing business and preserves your privacy.

-The money belongs to you 100%; can not be operated by anyone or accounts they may be frozen.

The following chart shows those countries having greater implementation:

grafico bitcoinPayment operation is very simple restaurants, usually it delivers an alphanumeric code QR and the client through your mobile make payment, as you can see in the pictures below:

imagen pagando bitcoin

Aceptamos bitcoin

Also in some restaurants in Spain and you can pay with Bitcoins as the following video shows:

Finally I would like to make it clear that Bitcoin It is a very new project is in an experimental stage and therefore must be very cautious use.

If you want to know further Bitcoin, I recommend the following link:


I would like to know your opinion about Bitcoin, Do you think it will be consolidated as an effective currency for payment in restaurants?Will it be able to replace the very powerful credit card companies?

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