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Blue Ocean Strategy: the new strategic challenge of the restaurant industry


It is evident that more, both consumers and businesses seek opportunities to interact in a more emotional and collaborative way that competitive, where innovation and genuine is a fundamental part of this paradigm shift that we are living currently.

While it is true that innovation has always been present in the creation of new products and services, the process of how to innovate It is a constant debate.

Following the traditional school Schumpeter, Innovation has always been a fairly random topic, business motivation, very measured between risks and opportunities, by trial and error, learning from failures and therefore, depending on the DNA and culture of each company, with much experimentation, taking risks or avoiding them.

Through methodology Blue Ocean Strategy (FOREST), It is invited to the restaurant industry and hospitality to explore different patterns among consumers, implement strategies with logic and create viable theories, follow a specific methodology focused on results, an analytical framework, maximizing opportunities and minimizing risks, without keep track of trends in ICT or providing new concepts that allow the development of newly created programs.

Unique products and services to create value and reduce costs

BOS challenges everything you thought you knew about strategic success and provides an innovative and systematic approach on how to make the competition irrelevant and create new market niches in the hospitality sector, Blue oceans. BOS is one of the main training blocks intensive program of weeklong Hospitality Innovation Program (HIP) to be held in Marbella next 31 October.

In a competitive world, companies typically focus on a specific market, the existing customers, where segmentation is sought through new products or cost reduction through greater efficacy and efficiency.

The objective of the methodology Blue Ocean Strategy is to focus on the "non-customer" for generate unique products and services that create added value and lower costs, where the critical mass that attracts the new product or service do that competitors are irrelevant, at least for a period sufficiently long so that innovation has a financial appeal of good proportions and justify the investment for execution.

Methodology for the restaurant industry

The methodology invites you to explore trends, industries, strategic groups, groups of buyers, the scope of supply of goods and services, and functional or emotional market orientation. The latter being of great relevance, according appreciate that more, new generations appreciate more the emotional impact, a social and collaborative product or service that individual, material consumptive.

The major impact of innovations like the Wii console, that very soon opened the game world people seniors, creating new points of connection with family or new ways to keep fit, It was unprecedented and revolutionized the video game market.

Other products, as may be the Circus of the Sun, perhaps more consolidated, They continue to have great success, almost 30 years after its conception and with very few competitors who are at the same height.

Today, when what the customer wants are new experiences or find / meet genuine practices, have a methodology to support the creation or consolidation of unique products is essential.

In conclusion, when it is intended innovates or repositioning a product, service or experience unique value, It must have ability to celebrate failure and persist in developing successful new concepts; but following a solid methodology, inclusive and collaborative, with traditional risks associated with innovation are minimized and new doors open to change the paradigms of today's world.

With Blue Ocean Strategy is to open these new doors never explored in the restaurant industry and hospitality, maintaining the simplicity and above all, common sense, from conceptualization and design, to implementation; adding new concepts of value while minimizing costs.

About the Author

Instructor Hospitality Executive Program Innovation Program (HIP) Designer in Kimiya Strategic Tactics



  1. interesting reflection.
    In my job when I now charge decorate a restaurant, I watch as the owners come with many of these things already very clear.
    The new technologies, the form of communication and interact with the environment of the restaurant makes the owners exigan different decorations.
    Everything is like a chain.

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