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“Brandwatch gives you the keys to listen to your customers online”. Cabin interview Leyre, Head of Marketing Latam&Spain


When Bimbo, one of the largest baking companies in the world, launched a limited edition cupcake USA, He knows how to infuriate its other markets, particularly in Mexico, in social networks.

Gosling is a popular pastry It is occupying a place in the hearts of all Mexicans. More than 50 years on the market, It has an awareness of 90%, which means that virtually the entire population knows this product.

Due to its popularity, any decrease in Gansito behavior significantly affects the entire category of cakes Marinela, Division Bimbo bakery products to which it belongs.

Company Vector advertising P monitors all online conversation about Bimbo and its brands Fire Watch Analytics Y Fire Watch Vizia. Thanks to that, in May 2015, The team identified that Gansito beginning to show a negative trend in online participation: there was a conversation volume less than usual.

Despite efforts in digital communication, It was not possible to reverse this trend significantly and five months later, in October 2015, Gosling was below its average share.

That same month an increasingly urgent conversation was detected in social networks. In United States, Marinela had launched ‘Gansito Red Velvet’, one gansito special edition with a different flavor, intended for that market. Mark never thought of doing something similar in Mexico, because the cake had not changed his original recipe since its inception in 1957 and they thought that the Mexican market would not like a sudden change of taste. Nevertheless, It not proved so.

When the news reached Mexico Mexican users, outraged, demanded by social networks bring the cake with new flavor to your country. With such intensity that made 'Red Velvet Gansito’ in a tema viral. It was detected in this crisis a business opportunity for the brand and set out to bring the cake Bimbo the country, I implementing an unplanned release.

The case of 'Red Velvet Gansito’ is a perfect example of Social Intelligence. A business decision based on the extracted insights from social networks and supported by all data collected. Bimbo Brandwatch used to develop a social media campaign that generated an increase in sales of a product 12% and earnings of 580 One thousand dollars.

leyre Cabins, Head of Marketing Latam&Spain Fire Watch, more than 10 years of experience working the digital environment presented this case for their participation in the #TeatroDigital coordinated by @diegocoquillat in #ExpoHip2018.

Brandwatch is Social Intelligence Platform, market leader that helps brands worldwide make smarter decisions supported by data. Brandwatch products and Vizia Analytics platform facilitates making smarter decisions worldwide.

Brandwatch Analytics platform meets every day millions of online conversations and provides users with tools to analyze, allowing brands to make business decisions based on data.

The Vizia platform distributed more visual and interactive way key insights from our data extracted. More of 1200 brands and agencies use Brandwatch, including Unilever, Whirlpool, British Airways, basis, Walmart, Dell y Bimbo, among other. Increasing its global presence, The company has offices worldwide, including Brighton, NY, San Francisco, Berlin, Stuttgart, Paris and Singapore.

Con Fire Watch, Bimbo he achieved:

  • Detect and visualize the crisis in real time with the Vizia platform
  • Develop a strategic campaign to launch the product in Mexico
  • Identify influencers to amplify the reach of the campaign
  • Measure the ROI of social media campaign

Cabañas wanted this case illustrate the theme of his speech, in which he referred to the importance of "Listening to your customers online: When marketing and digital experience join ".

QUESTION: What is Social Intelligence and what is the use that can give you restaurants?

ANSWER: Social Intelligence is these data that exist in social networks, these insights we can then activate, these keywords to define and improve the user experience. For restaurants, we know that more than 70% customers will look on Google before going to eat at a restaurant, one out of three users on Twitter is an account of a restaurant.

P: What kind of information or data are searched and analyzed?

R: The data can collect in many ways both social networks and forums, blogs, etc. It is important to collect and analyze any type of consumer opinion.

Must hear the views of consumers on any topic. From the feeling about electric cars or the latest food trends, to public favorite teams to win the World.

Must know your consumers to innovate, reaction time, and stay one step ahead of competitors. This for example, allows us identify opportunities and threats as they appear with intelligent alerts. From new marketing opportunities or potential crises, to emerging trends that have an impact on your business.

Never before have we had so much information. In today's digital landscape we find that, for example, every second share 6 thousand tweets and 793 posts on Instagram, y se dan 52 thousand I like you or likes. This is the best repository of human thought that we can investigate: what they like and do not consumers, what works and what does not.

Information is online. we just ask the right questions and have access to this information in real time. He customer journey consumer or business trip is that relationship consumers have with my brand. This is what is know by heart the consumer journey.

P: What are the three steps of customer experience?

R: The customer experience is what is, first, recoger customer data, analyze the data that are in social networks, and drive them; Secondly, Ofrecer digital technologies that will demand our consumers and customize; and finally, create those individual moments that make a difference in our experience.

P: What are the uses of Social Intelligence platform Brandwatch?

R: In Brandwatch do Campaign Measurement, We understand trends and emerging issues, we find influencers (micro influencers specialized in particular subjects), among others.

We do this through access to powerful social listening tools as they are:

  1. Analytics, which it is a leading product worldwide, that offers the more accurate and powerful data from millions of online sources: from tweets and Facebook posts to news sites and blog posts. further, It has the tools necessary to analyze and understand these discussions to find the most relevant information.
  2. Pamper is the best way to display data from social networks. It works in real time and shows you Brandwatch Analytics data so you can monitor and improve the impact of your campaigns with options such as share of voice, feeling, global map of mentions and more.
  3. Fire Watch Audiences, with which you can instantly find audiences thanks to the largest database of influence that exists of this type. this tool, no matter who you want to go, It makes it easy to find groups of people based on what is important for the brand: demography, hobbies, Professions, where they are and who they are related.

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