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Bruno Oteiza: home cooking art through Twitter


If there is a Spanish chef who has followed perfectly the wake created by culinary classics country as Karlos Arguiñano, that certainly is Bruno Oteiza. However, Basque chef is well known and popular among the public precisely for their cooking programs.

And it is that Bruno has already been on several TV channels as Teledonosti, Telecinco, La Sexta, New antenna, Canal Gourmet Home & Useful, which gives the label media chef. Not in vain, He works for the same production of Gourmet Desserts.

further, seems to have proposed also it reaches a large mass in the community social networks, and both have several thousand followers. While it is difficult to approach the figures which moves in Twitter Arguiñano (326 one thousand), Oteiza enjoys 16 thousand followers, which it is not bad.

Easy recipes forefront of cooking in your Twitter

We've been tracking how the chef has accumulated on your Twitter profile a large number of recipes. “Home cooking vanguard "is often referred to himself as his style. And the truth is that freshness and closeness that has always characterized their TV programs, They can be seen in its publications, maybe that part of your digital filed success.

In any case, we wanted to share the best recipes that Bruno Oteiza He has left in your account. We hope you inspire and successfully try any of them.

The best recipes Bruno Oteiza on Twitter


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